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Luxury Haus Inc

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335 Grand Ave, Leonia, NJ 07605 - Map & Directions

Sales: (201) 346-9700

Nov 11, 2013
The pictures of the cars are very limited, not many pictures of the inside of the car in detail. Also some descriptions of the cars are wrong, for example: describing a convertible with a moon roof, or wrong color on the car, if you want to sell a car need to be more aggressive about it and pay attention to detail.
Oct 21, 2013
Bait & switch. Car was advertised on the main page for one price and then was an additional $8000 was added into the price. This doesn't include taxes & tags. Buyer beware.
Aug 3, 2013
All I can say is bait and switch? Post low prices with no car and tell you it's sold only after you get up there. They give used carsalemen a bad name.
Jun 22, 2013
Good luxury car selection. Typical car dealer games with "what's your monthly payment go to be" as opposed to what the total cost to buy the car was. Double check their math with a smart phone auto loan calc app, I did and it was wrong twice - saved me thousands over just taking their word for it.
Jun 16, 2013
They got back to me in a timely fashion, however I purchased elsewhere.
Jun 14, 2013
Jun 2, 2013
Good experience.
May 28, 2013
Apr 25, 2013
The car sales people were very patient, and helpful.I would buy another suv from there.
Apr 25, 2013
The best
Apr 23, 2013
Was willing to negotiate until we reached a deal. Very pleasant to work with. Very efficient and helpful business organization, so things were done very quickly.
Apr 13, 2013
They have cars posted online, but its really not on there lot! I guess they do that to draw people in and then try to sell u other cars
Mar 16, 2013
Great! Very helpful with looking for a car.
Feb 18, 2013
The dealer made a ton of promises but never came through on any of them. Never returned phone calls. Read the disclaimer and deal details!!!
Dec 12, 2012
Jul 5, 2012
I called and asked for the suv i wanted and said dont bring me all the way there if you dont have the one i am checking on line cuz i will not be lured into some other one. They said we have it. So i got in my way Soon as i got infront of the dealer. I asked to see the suv. They said the sold it and the funny thing is that the suv is still up online !
Jun 19, 2012
Very nice and professional! Nice guy named Hernan, he mean bussiness!!
May 23, 2012
Called and informed me car was available, but no carfax information supplied.
Jul 8, 2012
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