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Constantin Garage

4510 Henry St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 - Map & Directions

Service: (412) 621-8497

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chrisc writes:
Constantin Garage Review
Customer Service:

Poor Communication, Poor Service - Bordering On Lying. — If it were an option I would give this place 'zero' stars. I took my car here to be inspected. They were rude at the onset (partially b/c I am a petite, young woman?). They then told me that my car needed new brake shoes, which had been replaced 1 year prior. When my husband and I replaced the shoes the wear was not close to the wear associated with a need to replace them, there was about 0.15" of lining left and recommended replacement wear is closer to 0.06". They also said the the front brake pads needed to be replaced but when we removed them, they too were not very worn. I had to wait a week to bring my car back in to be inspected again. When I brought it in at noon they were very rude and said that I should have brought it in at 8. I was not told this when I made the appointment, and like them I have work and things to attend to. They then said that it would be impossible to return my car before 4 days (including a weekend). I took my car and my business elsewhere. I've not met many honest mechanics, but these people really are exceptionally bad. Also, I am not sure if they have an agreement with the local authorities but when I left my car with them the first time I had to park it illegally.

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