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Cheektowaga Collision

2187 Old Union Rd, Buffalo, NY 14227 - Map & Directions

Service: (716) 668-2115

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MichelleXxo writes:
Cheektowaga Collision Review
Customer Service:

Worst Experience Ever — Horrible!!! This company completely took advantage of me. I was in an accident where my car was totaled & per Cheektowage Police, my car HAD to be towed. So Cheektowaga Collision came & towed my car away. From the day after my accident I had been trying to get my PERSONAL belonging out of my car and over & again I was told by this appalling company that I could Not!!! This immoral company knew full well that with the damages my car sustained, my car would be totaled out by the insurance company & that they would only get paid the -standard fee- by the insurance company. Now the guy who works at Cheektowaga Collision INSISTED that I had to pay daily storage fees to get my stuff out!!! Never, Never, Never allow this putrid company to be used if you end up in an accident like I did. Do some research and keep a number for another more respectable towing & collision company on hand. Don’t use this company that Cheektowaga police calls in. Its bad enough that people have to go through hell with the insurance companies following an accident, now we have to worry about the people the police call to take your car away while you are being carried away in an ambulance!!!

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