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Casullos Automotive

2783 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14217 - Map & Directions

Service: (716) 876-3567

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kyhenders writes:
Casullos Automotive Review
Customer Service:

Avoid Casullo's — Casullo's inspected my brake system and determined I needed pads & rotors replaced for both axles. Their estimate? A total of nearly $800!! I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. Little did they know, I had already called various auto parts stores ahead of time & priced the items myself- about $115- $120 per axle. I'm well-aware of the ways repair shops attempt to fool women into spending more (because we're idiots, you know... We know nothing.) I ended up calling another place (Max Auto Service) and they quoted something drastically different (plus- they had better reviews!) I took my car there instead and drove away with new front/rear brake pads & rotors for a grand total of $378. Yes, that's right- more than HALF off of Casullo's estimate! (The guy at Max Auto even said, "I know other shops around here try to charge $200-$300 just for labor.") It seems Casullo's was trying to charge me $200-$300 in labor for EACH axle. TIP: It does NOT take several hours to change brakes and you definitely should NOT be paying for several hours of labor. The only positive aspect I found with Casullo's? FREE brake inspection! I'm glad I wasted their time and took those inspection results to a more reasonable and reliable shop where I spent half the money. My tip: Avoid Casullo's and call around for second/third/fourth opinions that prove they are only trying to screw you over- especially if you're a woman with out-of-state plates :)

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