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AAMCO Transmissions

5960 Nw Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78238 - Map & Directions

Service: (210) 647-1161

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AAMCO Transmissions Review
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Terrible Service, Incompetent Employees! — My husband and I took our car to AAMCO, assuming that they wouldn't screw us over because they're a national brand: WRONG! When they ran their diagnostic, they got a code that they 'didn't know what it meant,' so they completely IGNORED the code and threw a $250 (when we could've bought it anywhere else for $120) part at the car. (Not to mention the $300+ for labor and other BS) IT HAS THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM! So we think, they'll fix their mistake and take it back to them because it's under warranty (it worked for less than a day, after all!). We are told we won't be charged, but after getting there (and trying to cut through their pull-the-wool-over-your-eyes BS) we finally are told that the only way we won't have to pay is if there's something wrong with the PART they installed. You know, the part the car DIDN'T NEED. After another entire day of them standing around running three diagnostics, they tell us they still don't know, but they'll try to figure it out. My husband asked for the code that was baffling them and that they keep ignoring, and upon reaching home we were able to figure out the problem in ten minutes, by talking to a Hyundai mechanic....Such BS and my car STILL ISN'T FIXED. Do not take your car here! Luis tells you all kinds of nonsense to screw you over!

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