a good car or not

Nick Spalsbury

Asked by Nick Aug 21, 2008 at 01:59 AM about the 1999 Mitsubishi 3000GT 2 Dr VR-4 Turbo AWD Hatchback

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is the 3000 gt realy a good car to get a hold of?

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Problems with transmission, good car but by now most have been beat by teenagers. Trans is the biggest issue.

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Evan Miliano

the only major problem with them is their weight, they are really heavy, 4wd and 4ws is expensive and heavy. vr4's have amazing acceleration but i have never heard of any mechanical problems with the tranny or any other part for that matter

A Facebook user

depends what you want it for-if you plan on modding it-hell yeah grab that car and mod the hell out of it- actually I don't know how mod friendly that car is, but it's a mitsu so go for it! Man that car would be tight with a lot of money put into it "good lines".

Michael Alves

Id def get that car if I found a good one and had extra cash to burn. Never driven one but it looks amazing and is built by Mitsu. I got an Evo and I can tell you they have some really mod friendly engines. The 3000gt is heavy so its probably not the greatest drag car but you'll be having some good fun in the gravel and snow while those drag cars are stuck on the side.If you have one in good condition check it out and buy it.

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Alex Fricke

well all Mitsu have a bad smoking problem if you dont keep up oil changes and stuff like that

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Eric Hjortberger

YES, it´s a really good car, if you want a sports car with 4 wheel drive, 3.0 L V6 twinTurbo TwinIntercooler, what other car have that?

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Austin Crum

I flat love mine. Period. I have a 1972 Corvette Stingray, and driving my 3000 is just as much fun as driving that. Ive put 20,000 miles on it, it has 48,000. The only problem I ran into was that the stock pulley that has the serpentine belt and the a/c belt (it has a specific name that I cant for the life of me remember) came apart at the rubber shock zone. The OEM replacement faired no better, but the aftermarket one I have on now has had no problem.

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Glenn Morris

good cars definately. however, if you start to up the power then the clutch will burn itself out pretty damn quick... put a harder clamping one in and you'll be picking pieces of metal out of your gearbox in no time! :-D

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Christopher Dahlheimer

It's a fantastic car and if it's in good condition and a decent price I would say grab it. 99 was the last year the 3000gt was made and they're not very common. They're quick as hell and if you intend to mod there are a bunch of companies that specialize in 3000gt/steath parts. The tranies in these are cars are perfectly fine. I think the weakness most people are talking about are actually the tranfercases and those were only a problem in the first gens. There was recall on them too so you can get it fixed for free. And they aren't that heavy. Yes they way 3700 pound but Supras weigh 3500 and you get awd and aws with the VR-4. So yes if you have to mean definately snag it.

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Ryan Schroeder

mine is fantastic, its not the vr4 but its still a beast and relatively gas friendly.

Alex O'Neill

haha I'd like to see you try to take a 3000GT off road. They are built so low to the ground they get stuck all the time. The engine is also not ery "mod- friendly." Most mechanics I have been to won't even work on my engine because it is such a pain in the ass.

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David Girard

(here I'm talking about the VR-4 because I have one) ... Its a good car on many point but it still has some negative points as well, first for the performance, it's very nice even if it's bone stock, it's has a great acceleration (despite the important weight), great handling, can take corners really fast and easily, and if you want to mod it, damn this car has so much potential, but you've got to invest a lot of money for several parts and to pay a lot of hours into the perfomance mecanic shop because this car is not the easiest nor the quickest to modify, but the results worth it a lot !! The engine can take a lot of boost before problemes occurs (and it sound great and nasty !), but never forget to upgrade other parts when giving more boost...) Also, the car looks great and with a little money invested for a new paint job, wheels and on a body kit if you want, it will look soooo great and almost exotic :P Also, the awd system gives you a lot of performance in the rain of even in light snow with good winter tires ! (but don't think that it's an off road car because it's very low, like 3 or 4 inches to the ground... So the negatives points are the important weight that can kill a little bit the performances and the fuel efficiency, the fact that the car is very complex (awd, aws, active aero, ...) causes that it's not cheap to modify and not easy nor quick... To conclude, if you find a VR-4 that has never been wrecked, never been beaten too much, in great condition (body and mecanic) and you have several thousands dollars to invest on it, damn BUY IT :D tou won't regret it :P hope my review was helpful ... ;)

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i have a 93 and i love it. Has never given me any problems, its pretty much fully custom and has a engine and trans rebuild with about 6000 miles on them. trying to trade for a gto or an m3 or something hit me up with an email if your interested jtuz25@aol.com


Must of the comments here are from people who dont know or owned one before, here is the reality about this car. If you want this car for daily basic drive like go to work and school is good, great transmission and fast. But if you planning to make any mod or over boost the turbos my friend you will regret for the rest of your live, engine blow very quickly and the car is super heavy and dont mention that no mechanic likes to work on this car, any engine repair is over $2500, definitely is not a car for race like Mustangs or Corvettes but a very nice ride to go work, beaches, etc.

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here is a picture of my and I dont recommended

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This is my baby! It's my 3rd car and it's the 1st to actually be in my name the front ed with the radiotor support pushed in thats why you see a side photo, yet still very sexy ;) She has 199,974 miles and still peels out if i want to and runs strong. The only problem i had with it and i had it for 3 months now is they never changed the oil so it smoked for awhile and till i changed it the air filter.... my god i dont want to talk about it but its also replaced other than that tires. It's highly dependable from the abuse the previous owner gave it and with the miles and front end damage. I still get stares at my car. Thats to include the peeling tint, and if you touch the paint you will probally rub it off the car. Power and handling is what this thing has. If you want folks to try and race you out of the blue get one. Plus this ride is on all the need for speed games and racer games you can pre customize it on your game then on your true ride. Its a dieing breed of cars since its a import so I suggest to grab one its going to be a collectable.


My Bf and i have a Mitsubishi gt3000 and we loved it untill we found out how hard it was to find someone to change the tires cuz no one had a lift that could go under it and they are exensive tires. But that was just a little minor thing later it would just die going down the road the battery was fine filter fine we changed over 2000 dollars worth of parts in that thing then we thought we fixed the problem so we were going to sell since it was getting to exensive to fix and we live in northren wi. in the country on a dirt road so it was taking a toll on it. so we found a guy that was going to buy he was taking it for a test drive and it quiet out of no where on him now the guy wants to help fix it so he can buy it cuz it is a hard car to come by now we are thinking it is somthing to do with the coil packs.I would say if you are going to buy this car buy it from a dealer or some one you know and trust so you know they are not selling you a car that does this....But when it ran a puured and had amazing amount of power and get u and go nice gas milage comfortable front seats not so much back.....We absolutly love this car and we would keep it but this one little problem has made us spend hours under the hood and spend money like its going out of style. So it is a great car just hope and and pray this doesnt happen .

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ashdamudchick, if the guy took it for a test drive without you or your boyfriend, beware... he might have pulled over and disconnected something so he could get a better price out of you. I would take it to the shop, and have them do a quick check

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Ok, so i see this post is pretty old now, but for those using this as a reference still hear me out, I've had COUNTLESS 3000gt's and Stealths (the dodge twin) and I honestly think if you are going to use it for a daily driver year-round, it's not the best idea! simply for the fact that, just like any car, it breaks. But, when these need work, they are expensive to fix simply because there are not many parts for them anymore and they are a rare car to start with! However, if you were planning to use as a summer car, go for it!. They are very fun and beautiful cars to drive. Now for those talking about mods..again the aftermarket world of parts isn't as big as say the honda world just because there is not as many. You will pay more for the mods and if you do mod them it is VERY rewarding. Stock these cars ran up with cars like the Supra, 300zx, Mazda rx7, Skyline, and so on. You can get plenty of power out of that 6g72tt and drop weight on em no problem.

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the car is 20 years old already and not in production anymore, any review on this car is useless at this point

Susan Rowe

NO typeav....any review is not useless....i am reading every last one as i am looking to buy one this week, Will_i_am3K i appreciated your nput. i am agonizing for a week on whether to by the 3000GT i have found in pristine showroom condition...afraid of it not running well and costing too much for me to fix...not thinking not to get it

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Susan Rowe

The one i found is a 1998 mint condition 3000GT with only 30,000 miles garage kept and well kept by rich people....purely gorgeous showpiece but i will be using it for daily use so i am skeptical...afraid of expensive fixing

LuisAngel Argaez

I have a 1999 3000gt, it runs perfect and is the engine is amazing. At a stop sometimes it sound like the car is off because of how quiet the engine is but when you rev it it's a monster. Mine has 178,000 miles on it and is running strong. I've kept up the maintenance on it. If you keep it well maintained it will be a great car to have and it will certainly make you happy.

LuisAngel Argaez

But if you're looking to mod it make sure you know enough about the engine or find someone that does because these aren't very mod friendly, but if done right it will blow away most cars.

Susan Rowe

i am not looking to do anything to the car but drive it...and not looking to race it or speed...just buying because it is pretty and stylish...but don't want to be putting money into a car that is known for issues or has hard parts that may not be findable...getting scared putting the cash out like the engines gonna blow up...it was very well maintained....it is in tip top shape timing belt just done and all hoses etc under the hood.

LuisAngel Argaez

Most parts that I've needed I have ordered online and installed no problem. The car is a great daily driver. If it is in good shape it will last you until you get bored of it. But trust me it won't happen.

Marsha DeVaughn

Hi Susan, Do you mind if I ask where you found the car you are speaking of? If you decide you are not interested I might be if you do not sharing the info. Of course you would have first shot at it. You can email me at cricketzplace@gmail.com. Thanks in advance... Cricket


I recently bought a 95 non turbo 3000gt. It had one bent valve, one broken valve and a shattered piston. I removed the head. It cost me 50 dollars to machine the head with slight damage. Bought a used piston at eBay for 35 dollars, I bought head gaskets a pair for about 90 dollars. New timing belt and kit for about 190 dollars, and a new tensioner for 70 dollars. Now you all tell me if that was expensive. That was a major engine damage! It did not even cost me 500 dollars to fix a destroyed engine! One more thing these cars can take a beating, I regularly run the rpm up to 5000 rpm when I floor the gas. It is not a drag racer, but it can race, because it has super cornering ability. True racing is not straight line, it involves handling, and driver skills. Conclusion it is a beautiful car. Parts are not hard to find they are just not it stock and not expensive at all

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I have a 1994 gt sl. Bought it in 2011, replaced the engine this summer. It has always run well. Just wanted to upgrade as many things as possible.New engine has only 35,000 miles on it. The mechanic stated that I need to drive it like I stole it.

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I have had my 99 SL for about 6 years now and as far as mechanical issues go I've only had to replace the slave cylinder on the for the clutch. the O2 sensor went out at 120k along with the alternator but those are designed to fail at those miles and now I'm up at about 140k. All in all its been an amazing car.


i recently bought a 94 gt and have a small problem with the tranny or an electrical problem not sure which. Have had my mechanic who is very capable on cars and he has said the shifter connection below the shifter has worn out. Cant seem to find this part around. Does anyone know where this can be purchased? Only one we found was in Texas and it was used. Car is sticking in park and wont shift out of it even though it has plenty of battery juice but does not turn over. The headlights come on and battery was charged. Just wont shift or start. Does anyone have an idea? Thx Jim


I had a 1995 VR4 for just over a year; my observations: Pros: Magnificent handling, blistering acceleration, beautiful styling inside and out, arguably the most practical and functional supercar of the generation (four seats with the two front seats being very comfortable, larger hatch). Mine had a couple of minor issues when I had it, but I know more about cars than the average dude so I was able to sort it out luckily :) Cons: Awful on gas, expensive to fix, at least 500 pounds too heavy What to watch for: for the age of these cars and the sophistication (twin turbo, intercooled, AWD, DOHC, 6 speed, etc), I would recommend paying extra on top of a conventional inspection for a compression test with special attention paid to the condition of the turbos. Recalls were also an issue with these cars; I would contact a mitsu dealship immediately after buying to get recalls checked and addressed. With any vehicle with turbos, having clean, topped-up oil is very important as well as waiting at least 30 seconds at idle before shutting the car off after driving (esp hard driving) so the oil circulates the motor and cools the turbos. Look for proof that the oil was changed on time. With these cars, you either need to know a fair bit about cars or have deep pockets; if you have neither, forget it. Chad

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