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I had a machanic change my crankcase sensor due to car not starting, his computer told him it was the sensor. Cranks good and runs good, now my oikl light flickers and sometimes it comes on and don't go off. This has been since Friday 1/17. I didn't drive it over the weekend as I'm scared, drove to work, when I get 4 miles up the road that's when the light started blinking on and off, then it stayed on. Got to work, cut it off, started it back up and the light was off. The machanic that changed the sensor also cleaned out the screen in the oil pan, thinking that was the problem but the problem is still there. the kia sorento is full of new oil. I didn't have this problem until I took it and the crankcase sensor was changed. I have a 2004 kia sorento.


Asked by tina9982 Jan 20, 2014 at 10:35 AM about the 2004 Kia Sorento EX

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

my 2004 kia sorento just wouldn't crank for me a few weeks ago when I came out of the
grocery store. Had it towed to a machanic the next day. For a few days he couldn't find
anything wrong as he told me when it was towed in he tried to crank it and it cranked
right up for 2 days straight. The 3rd day he told me I needed a new battery, a gallon of
antifreeze, 3 quarts of oil, and a top radiator hose. I knew I needed a new battery. Told
him to do all those things. After he did those the car wouldn't crank. His diaghostic
computer indicated the crankcase sensor was bad, he changed that. I go to get the
car, got up the road about 2 miles, then the oil light came on. I called them, he said
bring it back. I did, then he wanted to check it out come Monday. This happened on a
Friday. So with no vehicle over the weekend, Monday he told me he pulled the oil pan
off and the screen was clogged, he was going to soak it all night in something. Tuesday
came, then Wednesday I had my son pick it up. He told me the oil light flickered for a
little bit on the way home. The next day on my way to work, the oil light started
flickering then stayed on. I pulled over, cut the car off, set there a few minutes tried to
crank it and it wouldn't crank at all, it was acting like it did when I had it towed in from
the grocery store, wanting to crank but would not stay running. Called for a ride to work,
called the machanic and he towed it back to his shop. He said the crankcase sensor
he put in was bad. He changed that. Nothing was mentioned about the oil light staying
on, they just told me to watch it. It cranks and runs good but this oil light flickers on
and off then will not go off, I'm at a loss at what to do. This machanic kept my car for
almost 3 weeks those 2 times I had it towed there. What should I do now, take it to
someone else, to the dealer or back to the origional machanic. If I take it back to the
origional machanic I know it will take a week before I get it back without knowing if it's
fixed for good.

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