Is there a half year car made by Ford?

Carol Wells

Asked by Carol Nov 19, 2008 at 08:41 PM about the 1965 Ford Mustang Standard Fastback

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was there a half year made by Ford  Mustang in the 1960's?

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Josh Wendler

i dont believe so usually its a change in the style or engine, but im not a mustang wiz so i couldnt give a deffinative answer i knew they started making them in 64 or something close to that.

Carol Wells

Thanks Josh.....l remember my late husband saying his dad had a 64 and a half...or 65 and a half Mustang....l thought that odd....but possible:)

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Josh Wendler

i did a little research there is a 1964 and half mustang they were released in april of 64 right before the 65's hit the show room. so it has the half in it to tell it was about half way through the manufacturing season of 64 is how they used it.

Carol Wells

You got it Pontiac:)))) ...sorry...couldn't resist.....l had a TA too....20 years older then yours though.....boy did that car move!!! Thanks Josh..

Anthony Alaniz

correct. The 64 and a half mustang is in reality a 65, its just that the enthusiasts labeled it that way. Though there are a few changes between the 64 and a half model year and the 65 model year

Carol Wells

Thank-You Anthony...:)

Curtis Sayres

it isnt technically the 64 1/2 mustang but it was one of the very early productions of it so people would say it is a 64 and 1/2 but really there isnt one, it mostly is just a 65 but it was made sooner.

Tyler Conlin

well actually the 64 1/2 was introduced in ,i believe, april of 64. people considered this a 64 1/2 bc it is different from the 65 model. the reason it isnt just considered a 64 is b/c it was not available for the beginning of the model year 1964

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Alex King

it makes a big difference if you have a 64 and a half stang when there is one in your family! yeah... one of the first mustangs sold in canada sittin in my grandparents garage... yeah yeah hahahaha... almost none of it is original started life as a convert and turned into a coupe lol...

Lacey Mae

yes it is. They also call the california special a 68' and a half sometimes even thought production date started Feb. 17th.

Jonathan Furse

Yes there is. The first year the 'stang came out halfway through the year, so they put it as a '64 1/2

Chazz Logue

yup April 17, 1964 is when the were first released (thus the name '64 1/2), they started production in early march I believe of that year.

Zachery Rittenhouse

Yeah they produce the 64 1/2 mustang as a way to project how the sales of the mustangs would turn out. in a way the 64 1/2 was still a concept car though only a couple changes were made before the 65 version and then there was only one change from the 65 to the 66: 65 Honeycomb grill and the 66 had a bar grill.

Richard Buck

I Have a friend that has a 64 and a half for sale. Cherred out all org. parts.

Joel Thorne

Yes the First year of the Ford mustang was a 1964 1/2 they only made the coupe and the convertible then in 65 they released the fastback which I happen to have one of.

Jeanne Doerr

First Mustang was a 64 1/2

Edgar Alvarez

And for all those history buffs out there the first V8 was low production 260 V8 that was dropped for the complete 1965 Model Year. The chassis underneath the Mustang was really just a modified Falcon. That sounds bad, but actually the 1964 Falcon was a pretty car and did well at the Monte Carlo Rally and in British Touring Car racing. 1st full year's sales were along the lines of 417,000 sales if memory serves me correctly. By 1965 Carroll Shelby was interested and history continued to me made.

Alex King

thats all prettty bangon the 260 v8 your talking about was a 281 (we have one in the family) and what a delightful engine it is... and yes the chassis was just a slightly modified Falcon which was a good car too... the unibody nature of these cars gave them a unique touch. And Carrol shelby was actually with ford before the mustang launch in 64... he was a member of their racing team and built the original ACR cobras using ford 427 engines... His relationship with mustang did start in 1965 but it was not until 1967 launched his first SHELBY mustang with the GT350, GT390, and GT500 in 1967...

Mike Blankenship

no hes right it was a 260 in the coupes first the 281 ur talkin bout was put in the gt model in 65 then a 289 in 66 and they started puttin the 302 in 67

Edgar Alvarez

I presume you are talking 289 not 281. There was NO 281 engine. The 289's came in 3 eventual HP ratings. 200, 225 and 271. The 271 HP was the solid lifter engine that Shelby took out to 306 HP for the GT350. He picked up extra hp with better exhaust plumbing and better settings for the carb.

Edgar Alvarez

Alex, the GT390 was not a Shelby model btw, but a production line Mustang. And Shelby by the way was not an employee of Ford, but had a contractual relationship that started in 1962 when he dropped the first 260 V8 in the AC Ace which he then named Cobra. He received backdoor engineering from the Ford Performance group. 1965 he only did GT350. Trivia question...why was it named the GT350???? Bonus points for those that know. In 1965, Shelby was then contracted to get deep into the Ford GT40 program since Ford was summarily embarrassed at LeMans in 1964 by mechanical woes. The 1966 Mustang that Jerry Titus raced for Shelby in the young Trans Am series represented what Race Team officially?? That is another trivia question for all of you out there. I can go on and on...I started in PR for Ford way back when in 1969 as an intern...

Mike Blankenship

he drove for the ford team in 66 and inform us y its called the gt350

Edgar Alvarez

The actual race team was Team Terilingua for Shelby. Carroll had a ranch down in the Terilingua region of Texas. The 350 in the name came about according to ol Shel because his office was 350 feet from the door of the mod shop. Next Trivia is easy...why was the Ford GT40 the 40????

Mike Blankenship

the 40 comes from the car only bein 40 inches in height... next question


Sounds like Alex,has a genuine-64 1/2!! The first 36 pre-production(built,between 12-63,till 4-16-64) mustangs,were in fact-sold in Canada!and yes-there are a myriad of differences,between 64 1/2,,and 65 mustangs!! emblems,charging system,sub structure,suspension,etc...One,cant really appreciate the difference,until they restore a 64 1/2-and a couple of 65-66"s...

JT Thacker

yes it was a 1964 1/2

Anthony Spencer

There was a 64.5 and a 84.5 as well. There was also a 63.5 Galaxie

Jerry Homolka

Yes 1964 half mustang came out in New York City i was 14 years old

Thomas Smith

Dont forget,the 63 1/2 falcons--They were the predecessors,to the 64-65 roof lines...Even FORD-called the hard-tops-63 1/2....


My first car was a powder blue 64-1/2 Mustang coupe, with a 260 v-8 engine. One night, my boyfriend (who a few years later became Y husband) and I took it out for a ride on I-91 and got it up to 92 mph. Of course, there was far less traffic and far fewer cars on the roads in1968. :-)

Bryan Bates

Sure there is many out there Ford started to make the car half a year before the new ones came out. This means if you don't buy on the year it says you got a half a year car.

Daniel Perron

1964 1/2 mustang early 65's


I have one, 641/2, 260 v8, c4 trans, there are about ten things that are different, between the two years, most of them you can't notice at a glance. Fords dropped the small V8, and the 289 was the only v8 you could order in 1965, until 1968 when they introduced the 302....hope this helps

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