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Asked by pbm May 16, 2012 at 12:35 AM about the 2011 Lincoln MKX AWD

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Our sunroof exploded while driving on a divided highway with no one in sight in front of us.  Ford says it doesn't warranty glass breakage.  Ford says the edge of glass must have chipped at some time and shattered when the vehicle flexed while driving on the highway.  The chance of chipping the edge without shattering the whole glass at the same time seems remote to me.

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It is possible, but there is no way to ever know now.


Same thing happened to us last week. Ford Canada won't stand behind their product. We can't prove there was an issue with the rear sealed Vista panoramic roof. They can't prove there wasn't any issue and it was our fault. That means at this point that we are out $1300 for the replacement glass. Thanks Ford and Koch Ford in Edmonton for doing absolutely nothing about it. Last Ford product we will ever buy.

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The front one is about $2250 installed. We had to use our insurance for something that I have no doubt should be warranty.

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Ours broke in the highway just yesterday. How did your repairs go? Were they able to install the new one ok? Our shade appears damaged as well due to falling glass.

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We ended up fighting with Ford Canada and getting nowhere. That is, until I sent out a couple of tweets on Twitter, referencing the dealership's twitter account and Ford Canada's twitter account. I got contacted by Ford Canada that day or the next day, went through all of the details again with them, and they ended up settling with us to split the cost 50/50. Had a cheque in hand mere days after the twitter posts. They apologized that the situation wasn't handled well from the start. The people who we talked to at Ford Canada after the post were much more helpful than those we talked to before the post. Big demonstration of the power of social media today! Not sure if this would apply carte blanche to anyone who have had a similar problem, as our MKX was pretty much exactly one year old with realtively low miles and maintained meticulously. If you want to check out my old posts on twitter, give me a follow @kevinbalicki In my opinion every case needs to be handled differently because tempered glass has properties that can have it explode months or even years after it was manufactured. (If it was made with an undetected defect, if it was chipped by an external source or upon install, etc.). In most cases, it will be just fine for a lifetime. Good luck. Hope they can step up to the plate for you.

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Mine broke too! Just noticed it today. Mine was also the rear vista glass. I had no idea it was cracked or that anything was wrong. Luckily or shade was closed so the glass wasn't falling on the kids. It seems that if there are this many people with broken glass that it is not from the road.

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Whatever happened to Ford's slogan: "Quality is Job#1"....oh well, guess that's why we don't see THOSE TV ads anymore.


We bought 2 MKT's a week and a half ago for the limousine business. This morning, while going through the car wash, the roof exploded just as the soap covered the car and fractured into a million pieces. We thought it was a chemical reaction to the soap. After seeing this, we are thinking maybe not. Still waiting to see what Ford, MA, USA is going to do about the issue. Car currently has 2,000 miles on it.

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The dealer will likely do nothing unless you fight for it. Like I said before, the only way I got any action was once I went on Twitter and was contacted by Ford Canada there. Craig Silva with Ford Canada was the guy who was instrumental in us getting 50% of the bill back. The dealership and Ford Canada did nothing upon numerous phone calls and in person visits, and said that we probably damaged it or hit something that caused it to break. I still believe there is some issue with these sunroofs, with as many as I have heard have problems, but until they ask for a recall, I will have to settle for my 50% back and pray it doesn't happen again.


Last week while driving down the road, my moon roof exploded. My grandson was in the car with me. I had never heard of such a thing. I took my truck to the dealer who said they had never heard of such a thing and would put the glass on digital imaging. I filed a complaint with Ford customer care since my new truck is under warranty and then proceeded to file a complaint with NHTSA as well. On the NHTSA site, there are several complaints of the same experience I had. Ford finally has agreed to pay 1/2 of the cost of the roof, but no thank you. I am working to get a recall. I have also contacted Carlite Glass who is the manufacturer of all the glass for Ford. They of course told me they have not received any complaints or ever heard of an issue with exploding moon roofs. I let them know, they have just been made aware of the issue. I offered to send the links or forums that I had Googled with all the complaints, the contact person declined my offer. My service advisor at Ford acknowledged there was no evidence of an impact, which I had already told them and yet they want the customer to file an insurance claim. I explained to them, that is considered FRAUD since there was no impact! Please if you have had an issue, call and complain to the NHTSA and get the investigation going. I have already contacted my local news station as well. It is a safety issue not a monetary issue!!!


Tuesday April 8th, without reason or warning, my glass panoramic roof in my 2010 Lincoln MKT exploded up and out while I was driving. Ford dealer sent pictures to Ford as my car is still under warranty, Ford replied with "contact your insurance company". The "hole blew out inches to the right of where my face would have been. lucky for me it was not directly above my head or I could have had glass in my eyes and a much more dramatic outcome to my story. I see from searching this on the internet that I mine is definitely not an isolated incident. The glass issues that have been commented on are few and far between considering the millions of vehicles on the road but definitely common enough to find many posts and reports on the same problem. If the manufacturers are going to continue putting glass roofs in cars/suv's, they need to increase their safety (eg: use laminated glass) or at least warn potential buyers that this could happen to them and it WILL NOT BE COVERED BY WARRANTY. This is not uncommon in vehicles and not restricted to Ford /Lincoln. Hyundai and Kia have had customers report the same "blow out" the difference is...Hyundai and KIA seem to come through for their customers and replace/repair the glass under warranty. Ford seems to pick and choose who they might offer a settlement of half. I'm furious that i am having to make a claim on my insurance for something that was beyond my control and in my opinion should be covered under my warranty. We have 5 children and carefully chose this expensive luxury vehicle as we wanted a safe and reliable vehicle. We currently own 6 ford and Lincoln products and have supported our local dealer with dozens of purchases over the years. We feel we are ever so slightly larger than just one grain of sand on the beach...but I suppose we are still only 7 grains and very insignificant.

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I also have a new 2013 Lincoln mkt on April 28, 2014 as My Husband and I we're driving our moon roof popped and scattered for no reason, thank goodness the curtain was closed. We pulled over to see what happened with no one or nothing in site. We were puzzled so I called the warranty center and she acted surprise and couldn't believe it and proceeded to say it had to be a rock or something. She told us to go straight to a Ford/Lincoln Dealership They said it would be 3 to 4 days before it could be fixed. They put plastic over it for a quick fit, needless to say with all the storms it did not hold. They seemed surprised also. I call my Insurance Co and they said it was a Ford problem. I'm a unhappy Grandmother !!!! If one of my eight Grand Children had been with us and they alway want it open for the view, this could have blinded them. I will get to the bottom of this before someone loses their eye sight! FORD this is a very serous problem! We the people need a recall.

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Hi there Juju7385, I'm so sorry to hear that you've had the same issue. I'm glad no one was hurt (as in my case). Sadly, I don't think FORD will address this issue until someone is seriously hurt or killed. My car is a 2010. Lincoln told me that the "auto glass" on my vehicle is only covered for 1 year or 20,000 km. Ford was extremely unhelpful and frustrating to deal with, however I must say that the dealership (Marigold in Whitby, Ontario) was as helpful as they were "allowed" to be. They were great. Because FORD said no, we had to go through insurance and we had to pay over $1200 for the deductible. Hopefully your 2013 is under 20K and Ford fixes the roof for you no charge. They should also be supplying you with a loaner while your car is out for repair. I wish you the best of luck with your issue. Please feel free to share my info if you pursue the matter with Ford/Lincoln. Best Regards. Leanne


The back half of my Vista roof blew out in all four corners on 7/25/14. My car is barely a year old. It is in excellent condition with low miles and there have never been any chips, cracks, anything in the roof. Luckily I had the inside covers closed. Ford claims it is not a warranty issue. It's obvious if the corners blow out and nothing has chipped or or hit it and the middle is only cracked that the roof is defective. Either the glass is defective or it was installed improperly. I have been driving/buying Ford products for 30 years. Up to this point I've been very happy with them. This happened to my friends' sunroof in her Lexus. It was older than my car is and they still replaced it for her under warranty. Ford service has gone downhill. My next car will not be a Ford unless they resolve this issue. I also filed a complaint on NHTSA and encourage all of you to do the same so we can get this issue out in the open.

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To all why get class action against for ,it is a big issue.


I would be in on that! I don't have time to start it, but would be willing to join if contacted about it. Had to file an insurance's over two weeks since this happened and the glass is deteriorating into crumbles and there is now a hole in the middle of the glass. Now I'm waiting for the glass to come from Ford. This is such a mess!


Social media is a powerful tool. For the amount of time it takes to simply voice your opinion, it can help get you noticed. Ford Canada & my dealership told me there was nothing they could do for me. When I started searching out people who commented on Lincoln MKX's on Twitter and I tweeted them to let them know the problem I had & Ford's lack of resolution, they contacted me and I got half my money back. For an unknown cause the fact that none of us can really prove the glass roof didn't receive an impact (which it didn't) I felt that was fair. I still wasn't completely satisfied because I believe there is a bigger problem they won't admit to, but it was better than the nothing that a lot of other people have got. Check out my old timeline on Twitter from approx the dates of my original posts. I'm sure there are still comments on there. @kevinbalicki

Debbie Fansler

I have a 2013 MKX and bought it April 2014 it has 3000 miles on it and my sun roof exploded last night turning the corner onto the highway. I thought someone was shooting at me. It shattered into a million pieces. I am going out to Gene Messer Ford in Amarillo today to see what my options are. My husband seems to think that when you slide back the liner to view the roof it may of put into a bind and then it explodes. I was only going a few miles per hour since I just turned a corner it was only 89 degrees outside cloud overcast so it was really hot the AC was on and had been for about 10 mins so the car was cool and there was no other cars around me to throw a rock or anything into the car. It was scary think God no one else was with me. Keep you posted. Debbie F.


Hi Debbie, I'm glad you are uninjured. You should have no trouble getting Lincoln to replace your roof. When my roof exploded, Lincoln told me that "Auto glass" is only covered for one year. (my car was still under 50,000 km but was more than 3 years old...your car is definitely new enough to qualify for warranty...I don't understand how these roofs can keep breaking spontaneously. Good luck with your repairs, hope they treat you well.


Wow!!! I am glad to find this site. I have a 2010 Lincoln MKX and there have been on going problems with my Vista roof. When my problems began I took it to the dealership and they would lubricate the roof. This has been an ongoing problem and it has not been resolved. Two weeks ago I took it in again and was told it would cost a little over $3,000.00 to fix. I stated, this has been an ongoing problem and I should not have to pay. The dealership contacted "Lincoln" and reported to me that "Lincoln" would pay half. I told them that I should not have to pay half, because this has been an ongoing problem that has not been resolved. I plan on contacting Lincoln this week. Initially my roof would slide slowly, a few months later it begin jerking as it opened and it only opened half way. I decided to close it and a few days later I attempted to open it again. The roof will not open, but you can hear the glass open above the covered roof. After reading these post "now" I am concerned about it breaking.


I have a 2013 Lincoln MKT with 29,000 miles. My power Vista glass roof has not cracked or broken, but I do notice something odd. When it rains, the roof makes an amplified tin roof type sound. I've never heard a glass sunroof make that kind of sound. If I retract the shade, the noise stops and sounds like normal rain drops hitting glass. This makes me agree with a previous poster that maybe the shade is putting pressure on the glass. There is obviously something in contact with the glass to cause that weird tin roof sound when it rains.

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I have a 2011 Ford Edge. I just pulled out of the garage and was driving down my street at about 20 km when I heard loud noise in the back of the vehicle. Then I heard things crackling. I pulled over and was so disgusted to see that my rear Vista glass was all shattered and broken. I am so glad that my roof curtain was closed. I will be contacting Merlin Motors today. My vehicle has less than 50,000 km on it, and had NO chips. I will be contacting NHTSA also. By the sounds of it, with all of the other same complaints, this NEEDS to be a RECALL!!!

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I have a 2012 Honda Civic SI and while driving in October on a sunny autumn afternoon, on flat prairie in Alberta, very little traffic, no vehicle immediately ahead or beside us, our sunroof window closed, there was suddenly a tremendous BANG and the entire window shattered and a huge mid section blew out. There was no glass inside the car, it all went out. I had to pay my $500 deductible but when I contacted Honda by letter, they telephoned me and offered a $500 credit at any Honda dealer good for 6 months and to be applied to any Honda products. The fact they replied by telephone I think is significant. Maybe knew it was faulty glass?????

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