Does anyone know the likeability and mpg of the 6.8L V10


Asked by firewalker_john Feb 20, 2008 at 05:10 PM about the 2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty XLT Crew Cab LB 4WD

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

I have a 2008 6.4L Diesel and I’m having problems with the mileage being much less than my 2005 6.0L mileage. Im also having a lot of problem with warning lights coming on that the FORD tech line will NOT let the dealership fix since there is no fix available at this time. I am getting ready to fill Limo Law procedures. When they are completed im thinking of possibly of getting the very same F250 but in the 6.8L V10.  I am wanting to find out how other drivers are liking their 2008 V10's before I start my procedures.

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One of the "tows" in our fleet has this engine, well I would NOT recommend it if gas is a issue with you, the one on our fleet barely gets 6-7MPG on a good day. A friend had one in his "personal" truck and can get 9MPG if he is good to it. The truck has LOTS of power, but when you need to "GO", you can watch the fuel gauge move. We have had a few "lights" come on, but we found out it was just a few "bad assembly" items (one was a vac hose the other was a bad wire). The diesel would be my choice, but for some reason our 6.6 Duramax (Chevrolet) get almost Twice the mileage that our Ford diesel (and the chev is bigger, heavier, and the diesel is bigger). You might find that the gas is a lot more work and expense than the diesel. But if you are having troubles/or you have given up on the truck, you might want to check out other "diesels". Best of luck, hope this helps.

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My F250 4x4 v10 will be here next week, i'll let you know how the gas milage is.

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My truck has 472 mi on it now.....the MPG reads 13.2 with mostly hwyway miles.

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Greg Louder

I drive a 2001 F-250 SD XLT with a 6.8L V-10, it has around 143K miles on it and gets around 13 MPG on the highway and about 9 MPG city on a good day. I LOVE my truck, but the gas mileage is a killer, especially in and around the city, but it can take a beating that's for sure! Like a 60mph 360 degree spin across 4 lanes of traffic with a guardrail collision kind of beating.

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James Fryer

On my 01 F.250 V10 5 speed 4x4 i am getting 14.5 MPG highway and 9 MPG city. The truck has the 4:30s and the tire size is 265/75 r16 running them at 35 PSI.

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Mike Wood

The V10 might get better mileage unloaded, but once you start towing its going to be just as bad as the 6.4, and less fun. Call up Spartan and order their tune with the DPF delete. You'll be over 500rwhp and probably improve fuel mileage by AT LEAST 3mpg.

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Mike Wood

The Chevies are far lighter than any of the Ford 3/4 and 1 ton trucks. Ford super duties are the heaviest of the big three. The curb weight on my 06 extended cab is 7600. Crew cab chevies are lighter than that even.

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Leon Tan

I agree with Mike, call up Spartan and see what they can do for you. My dad's friend was having horrible fuel mileage but got the DPF delete and DashDAQ. They went on a trip to Dallas I believe and got 19-21 mpg on the highway. All with about 450-500 hp to the wheels too.

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Craig Crown

you should at least get 20 mpg

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Eric Leibert I

The 6.4 Power Stroke has a much longer break in period than tour previously owned 6.0 had. If you get up to about 50-75k miles on it you should see a substantial increase in fuel economy. As for the 6.8 it will get decent mileage until it is put under any kind of a tow then expect low teens.

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I've heard the same thing about the 6.4 Power Stroke. I have the 6.8 in my 2008 F250 and from my experience "low teens" is a pipe dream, ESPECIALLY while towing. If I "baby" it I get 9-10 mpg mixed driving. On the highway if I maintain a reasonable speed I can get up to 12. While pulling my 6000lb camper my mileage drops to 7-8 mpg. Ouch. My brother gets 14-18 mpg with his Cummins Turbo Deisel, and it's not even fully broken in yet. Even with the higher cost of that engine, and the higher cost of deisel fuel I think he's way ahead of the game. *Sigh* Sometimes I wish I liked Dodge over Ford...

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Shane Schmitz

i have a 2001 f250 with the v10 gas engine with stock tires and easy on the pedal i get 14.2mpg when i put 22inch tires that are 12 inch wide it went down to 10.5 mpg on flat areas of florida

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I have a 2001 F250 2WD w/ the V10. Best mileage to date was a flat interstate run with teh cruise locked in @ 65 MPH, pulled 15MPG with no load/empty. I now also have a 2002 F250 (just bought today) with the same engine and 123K+ on it. It has the Lariat package and therefore has the display showing the acquired overall MPG of the truck since new (early one, before they came out with the ability to reset the display around 2004/2005, had a 2005 version of this truck too at one time with 6.0-junk!) That said, the mileage displayed on the meter is the overall average for the entire 123K life, which is 11MPG. Take into consideration this was a work truck and towed a 7'x 14' box trailer almost it's entire life and that's not too bad in my opinion. I haven't had the truck long enough to check out what I can do with it but that's first on my agenda for it!

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Stacy Ragsdale

dont know what to do.i have had 96,99,00,01,02 powerstrokes..good ol im on my 4th cummins.03,03,04,04 and i love them..pulling 20 empty and a simple be nice to it 24.6 highway.looking to trade for a 2008 f250 6.4 diesel.not sure this will be the right 03 crew has 194k and still kicking asphalt like it was new.the 6.4 im looking at has is a crew cab 4x4...what do i do?????? love my cummins but want to try a ford

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Coleton McIntyre

My Dad has a 2006 F-350. Is the warning light saying there is a TBC (Trailer Brake Control) fault. That was the problem with ours. Our local dealership said it was a module. of some sort that pertained to the towing package. I also know that the V10's were poor on mpgs because they were just a bad engine. thats my opinion. You don't have take this advice. Im only 14 so im not the smartest person in the world, but I know a little here and there. I think that drivers with 250's and V10's are not happy. i know one who wants to trade his in because it gets like ten mpg. So hopefully this helps.

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My uncle has had two v-10 trucks and he swears by them, i have borrowed it many times it has tons of power will pull just about anything you put behind it i am looking at buying one in the spring the gas milleage isnt the best but better then you would think it getts about 16 on the highway empty and depending on the weight about 10 mpgs loaded down all arround we are both big fans of the truck

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I love my V10. I have owned two and have not had any issues however, the gas mileage is not the best. I average around 12 mpg mixed driving. The best I ever got was unloaded straight highway driving and I was able to get 14.5. These are hand calculated not going off of the lie-o-meter on the dash. Towing my 8000lbs campper I generally see around 8.5mpg. They are great trucks and maintenance is cheap compared to the diesels but you defenitely pay at the pump.

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James Fryer

I have gotten another v10, this time it's a 99 F-250 Ext Cab Auto 4x4 Long Box. It is getting 14.5-15 mpg highway and about 10 mpg city. I love the V10 and will never get a V8 in the big truck again, it's great fun. And beside who buys a big truck for fuel economy? It only cost's me on average 100-120 dollars to fill up (Depending on the price of gas).

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I have a 2009 F250 super duty crew cab 4x4 and was getting 12-14 mpg average driving and had a tune up done then lost all of my power. I don't know what happened and was trying to look for help from you all. It is a v10 6.8 anything you can do would be appreciated. I have about 64,000 miles on it and it seemed like when I got it back there was no power for towing. Thanks for the help

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If your not geting a rough idle or any misses when running it i dont think I would link the loss of power to the tune up. Unless of course someone put some cheap plugs in it. There was a TSB for the catalytic converters/ Y-pipe on the v10. If you had one fail you would feel a serious loss in power. Easy way to check it crawl under the truck and tap on them. I you hear a rattle in the cats thats where the problem lies.

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We here at YATA (York, PA) operate a sizable fleet of 6.8's, body on chassis E450's. Very few problems with the 6.8. They have been extremely reliable. Some of them have averaged 4K to 6K miles per month. None of it is highway driving. These are buses that make short hauls around town and out in the county back roads with a lot of idling. We retired a 2006 recently with over 360K miles. My Ford mechanics will tell you that once the engine hits 100K, to switch to a heavier oil because the 5W-20 is just too light. We use 15W-40. We try to do regular tune-ups, but truth is sometimes we haven't gotten to them until well over 100K miles and they still ran well. We do regular oil changes every 5K miles. We have gotten our money's worth out them and then some.

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Well I had a 99 with a V10 and got 14 average on a whole tank and could squeeze out 17 on the highway. I'm old, drive at just under 60 and put it on cruise and leave it there. Worst I got was 9 while pulling a 26 foot travel trailer (I was loaded to the hilt). I never had a moment of problem with it. Looking to buy another one for current needs.

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I have a 2008 Ford F2540 6.4L FX4 and get 360Km to a full tank. I brought it in to ford and they told me that my cylinder #8 is dropping out. Not sure what to do. Should I fix or get a different truck?

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It is most likely the ignition coil. On my v10 I had one for each cylinder. They ran @ $160 each a decade ago and once done, the truck ran like it was new. Have the #8 cylinder ignition coil pulled, tested and then replaced if it's proven to be out/weak/faulty. Sometimes these even work fine at city speeds and then on the highway after a long use, they fail. And Visa-Verse. Should no be a big issue. When you got the money, replace one at a time. You can do it yourself if you are kinda able with tools or have someone that is. Buying the ig-coils is the only thing that'll cost you. Put the beer on hold, closet the golf clubs/guns/fishing rods, and put that money towards new ig-coils for the next 2 or 3 months and it will be a break even situation for you? Cya Doc

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I own a 2000 f 250 super duty xlt 4x4 6.8 v10. I bought it new . This is the best truck I have ever owned. 230,000 miles it is still driven daily with about 1000lbs of ladders and tools. Mostly city driving it always averages 10 to 11 mpg.


I have a 99 Ford F250 Crew Cab Super Duty XLT with the 6.8L V10. 28 gallons of fuel gets me 230 miles. Ford should have recalled this engine. A cracked intake manifold and a head job to fix the spark plugs from blowing out of the cylinder because of the lack of threads. Airbag light is on with no fix.


I have a 2002 ford f*250 lariat 4x4. It has a 8 inch lift with 315/75-16. The best I have ever gotten is 8.5 mpg no matter how I drive it, even at 85 mph on the freeway with a full bed of clothes, food and supplies.

Melesio Leal

I boosted my truck with a welding machine now it won't do anything

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David Zuber

Looking at a 2000 F-250 4x4 V10 with 154K miles. Test drove it and everything seems to be intact. I've read some stuff bout the V10 and they've talked about the exhaust manifold, any input on that? Any other info would be greatly appreciated

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I sold my v10 f250 4x4 last week. It averaged 9.5 mpg all the time. I bought it new. Has 240000 miles and is still running great. Replaced it with 2015 f250 6.2 . The 6.2 only gets 11.5 mpg I like the v10 better. There are some bad reviews on the v10 but I took care of mine and performed scheduled maintenance. Only had 1bad coil pack at 215000 miles. Besides the mpg that truck was great for me and still is.

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I had a 01 F250 Lariat 4dr 4x4 V10 and put 397,000+ the mpg was 9-10 on a good day. The upside to all that was that it was only in the shop 1 time in 8 1/2 years for 1 coil pack and the differential seals. No other motor issues or tranny problems and we pulled trailers everyday. oh yea in the last 100,000 miles it did use about a quart of oil every 3 weeks. NEVER LEFT US STRANDED!!!!!!


I have a 2001 F-250 Crew Cab 4x4 V10 that has 145K miles. I occasionally pull a 10k dump trailer and more frequently pull a 7k travel trailer. I installed the Banks Stinger System and have noticeable increase in horsepower and torque. Empty about 10 mpg and 6-8 mpg with the travel trailer. I love the V-10 but the mileage sucks.

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