is the 2.7 liter engine good in a 2006 dodge charger 59,500 miles


Asked by diab79 Feb 21, 2008 at 12:24 PM about the 2006 Dodge Charger Base

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is the 2.7 liter engine good in a 2006 dodge charger 59,500 miles

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NONONONONONONONONONONONO!! Absolutely not. The 2.7 is, has been, and will for the immediate future remain a piece of crap engine! Lots of problems with sludging and engine failures. Google "Dodge 2.7 engine stories" or something similar. There are actually class action suits that folks are trying to start regarding this engine. That said, the 3.5L Charger engine is a great engine. 2.7 is really the "bad engine" in the Dodge family.

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I agree, 200%......

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Pat DeRoo

its like having a go kart engine in a semi. do yourself a favor and if your not gonna by the hemi pick up the se plus or sxt. i also agree they are well known for failure. if u wanna have a nice car constanly parked in your dive way then the 2.7 is the car for you.

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DSwan Swanson

Pat I think you ment the 3.5 is good to have in your driveway, not the 2.7. :P Not only is a poor engine, but honestly, who buys a Dodge Charger for a 2.7L engine? LOL! If you want good fuel economy you buy an Avenger, not a Charger with a "go-kart" engine. Charger is great 3.5L and up.

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Paul Board

I would have to say a big NO either 2.7 3.5 both terrible engines constant intake issues and head issues I've probably replaced more 2.7 and 3.5 than any other engines in my life most of them with 80-100 k on em paul

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Damn i just got a charger with a 2.7 liter for my first car but i cant afford to get another one or a 3.5 what all can i do to put some more horse power in it

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Kevin Chin

Sell the car and buy a trans am. That will definately get you more power. anyone can pick up a decent F-body for under 9000

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Chase Sutherland

dont try to add hp. those engines are notrious for failures already. a lot of them burn or leak oil at very low miles. the 3.5 also has the same problem. sell the car is my suggestion. the hemi drivetrain will easily hit the 200k mile mark and keep going. ive got 112k miles on my 300C now and ive only ever ran full synthetic. i changethe oil on regular intervals and the oil comes out almost exactly the same color as when it goes in. engine doesnt skip a beat and im still getting 24 mpg hwy mileage. im actually selling it for pretty cheap right now because i plan on upgrading to the SRT8 300C. i lvoe the car but i want the 6.1L hemi now instead of the 5.7L.


First of all, in late 2005 Dodge revamped the 2.7 silently fixing the issues that gave the engine the bad reputation. Starting with the 2006 model year on the engines have been more reliable than their predicessors. I own a 2006 sebring even after knowing the bad history of the 2.7 engine. I run synthetic oil in it, and change it every 5K miles. I use this vehicle every day and get 30+ miles per gallon consistantly. If I had a choice in a charger or 300 Chrysler I would definately opt for the 3.5 having owned both engines since the 2.7 is underpowered and has to work harder. But with that said I would not hesitate to buy this engine in a stratus or sebring in a 2006 model year or later. Is it the best engine out there? absolutely not, but even Toyota is not immuned from shotty workmanship and quality as we have seen in the news of late. Besides you can get a chrysler much cheaper and your backside will thank you when you roll over a few bumpy roads over the toyotas.

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Paul Vince

yeh if -you like SLUDGE in your engine and coffee

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Rick Muller

I have a 2006 Charger SE with 93k with a blown engine due to sludge. I maintained it well and recently fixed issues like the water outlet housing, radiator fans, water pump, and timing belt tensioner. One payment left on a $21k loan and 2k in maintenance. This engine was designed NOT to be a high mileage engine. 30k to 90k tops is all youll get. Bad oil inlets(too small), oil pressure sensor located in oil well, and oil well is exposed to too much heat helping to create sludge. Oil pressure pressure sensor unit will not register oil in top end due to its location in the well. Water outlet leads radiator fluid internally creating even more of a sludge problem. STAY AWAY!!

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John Nauta

I have one question, What type of oil did you use? I have been using Mobil one 5w20 since my 2006 sebring with the same engine was new, and I have had zero problems. I am not saying this engine is a good one, but when I learned from reading the horrow stories about it, I decided to use the synthetics since they don't sludge. I also changed the coolant every two years, and water pump is scheduled to be replaced on the next coolant change as well. Again No Problems mechanically whatsoever!

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I own a 2007 Charger 2.7 with about 130k. No problems whatsoever. I maintain the oil changes every 4k with 5W20. I smell antifreeze now but the mechanic can't locate the source. I also have some transmission issues - clunking out of Park, very slow start in winter, but otherwise responsive. I agree that the 2.7 is much too underpowered for this heavy car. I was actually looking for ideas to boost HP when I landed here. Chip? Supercharger? dual exhaust?

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Wow... I came here looking for tips on finding another 2.7 engine for my 2006 Dodge Charger. all I can say is this car has made it through two cross country trips and heavy commuting. This engine finally has conked out at 305,000 miles!!!! Come on folks... that's not too bad, if you ask me!

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i m agree with your answer ..........tifharp

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I will not do THAT again! I owned a 1999 Chrysler Concorde with the 2.7L six. Great car, horrible engine. Rumour has it that engine was built by Mitsubishi. I purchased that car when gas was near $5 per gallon. It got 24mpg when it ran. But I'm surprised to hear the 3.5L is also crappy. I guess the only choices are the V8s, or the 3.2 sixes.


I dunno... I am the second owner of a 2006 Charger SE and while granted, I've babied it a bit, other than an EGR Valve, the engine's been good. Oh, and I'm at 135,000+ miles and most of that's mine.

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Sammy Johnson

i have a 2006 dodge charger with 170,000 miles on it runs great and to top it off its on 24'' rims and the motor and trans are perfect with intake chip and flomasters i must say im pretty proud of my lil v6 but i wont lie i would kill to be in a srt8 or a hemi but when i got my car in 2006 i was not going to pay a extra 12k for a hemi plus its a great car going on 7 yrs with it and its perfect

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Sammy Johnson

but what i will say is i have seen a few things about the motor on google and i gotta say it had me thnking about letting my car go due to the fact that i didnt wanna have any of that happen to me and my car but all in all i gotta say its a pretty good car and has got me from A to B and C . . . . . some people got the bad end of the motor 2.7L all car's have problems and for the price i would say the charger is pretty damn good v6 baby look good and save gas i love it


I actually was doing a research on this and I found out that only from 2004 and lower 2.7 were the ones that didn t work properly. I haven t really found anything wrong with 2005 and up, and of course if you don t take care of it or any motor on any car will give you a hard time! I own a charger 2.7 and I have no problems with it, and im very happy with my gas miles, but for sure I will upgrade to a hemi when I can afford it.

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I have a 2008 Magnum with the 2.7L V6 and after 86,000 miles the only problem I've had is the coolant bleeder housing assembly (on my 3rd one) which is a easy fix doing it yourself around $40.00. If you let the dealer touch it your looking at $400+.

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I have an 2007 3.5 awd 87000, just made 7 years, n only issue I had was the manifold senors, other than that it's been smooth riding

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2006 Sebring with 2.7 using Mobil 1 since I bought it with 9K miles in 2006. ZERO problems!! Yeah and this car was a Hertz rental when I bought it, which some say is a Huge No No. Here 7 years later runs like new, gets 32mpg. And No I don't raw hide my cars, I take care of them. Also have a 2008 Chrysler 300 with the 3.5, NO issues and it now is creeping up on 100K miles. Then I have a 1996 LHS with the 3.5, had the timing belt changed, steering bushings, head gaskets. If you expect to own a car without some maintenance then you're an idiot. This car now has 130K miles on it and is our favorite to drive on trips, 28mpg and leather couch seats!!.

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I wanted to kno if a 2005 dodge magnum with 172,000 miles on it is a good buy? The owner say it runs good and it has no problems but I dont really kno much about dodge and I dont want to waste 4500 buying this car than end up having major problems. Anybody got any answer about the 2005 dodge magnum??

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i seen a 2007 charger with a 2.7 in it at the auction going to go look at it today and see if i can spot out any major issues with the car but reading all the comments from this site i might not get involved with the car as yall have put me on the scared side of getting this car they are pretty but if i cant drive it daily then its no point of owning

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I warn everyone i meet about this car. I have a 2008 charger 2.7L. Engine failed at 79, powertrain warranty cuz dodge knows this is a piece of crap. Also engine is expensive even used cuz of high demand due to frequent failure. Needed to overhaul engine at 160,000..pretty much almost rebuilt it due to numerous oil leaks. Yup replaced the water outlet twice now since its only held by glue(great idea considering the hot antifreeze runs thru it constantly). Just rebuilt the transmission. They say since they made the coolant tank so small it allows the trannie to overheat plus way its built the radiator tends to leak into the trannie. Lugnuts piece of crap. They just bend & strip due to the plastic casing...yup $100 bucks just to replace them since the cheap ones didnt hold hubcaps on tight enough. Just got car out of shop n check engine light already back on...already know it ll be expensive whatever it is this time. N yup i changed oil faithfully.....crappy car!!


Well I know I am late with my response, however I just traded in my 2007 2.7 charger for 2014 5.7 (HUGE difference by the way!). However, the entire time I had my 2007 2.7 there were no issues at all with the engine. I had plenty of issues with the suspension and had to get new spark plugs and alternator. But other than those two issues that was it. The engine had 180,000 when I traded it in and ran great still. I am hoping I get a lot out of this 5.7 that I just purchased :-)

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Just my two cents. I have a 2005 magnum with the 2.7l. my first internal motor trouble can at 317860 mile when my oil pump failed and screwed up a crank bearing. I will say that I have used synthetic for the life of the car. but was not very good at keeping it changed in timely manner. 10k to 20k usually.

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FYI I looking to replace the 2.7 with a 5.7 or 6.1. Looking for advice on what troubles I am in for. Hope to get the car to 500k


2010 Dodge Charger here with the 2.7 Engine...I just traded this vehicle in with 241,938 miles on it...I never had one single problem with it..I put spark plugs in it and changed the oil with Penzoil Full Synthetic every 15K miles. Dealership where I bought it and traded it could not believe their eyes. Still ran perfect the day I traded it, however the rest of the car was starting to need attention!

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Kenny Barrios

2006 2.7 v6 charger here.. So 8 years later me n charger still rollin at 130+ miles, maintained it somewhat, went past 3k for oil changes, done a tune up maybe once lol, drive all day everyday, due to lacking of keeping up with oil changes started to get sludge in my engine about 6 months ago I pretty much had it rebuilt set me back 1200 but she runnin good again.. I been thinking about trading it in for a 2014/15 charger but don't feel like paying all over again, so I was just thinking about doing a serious upgrade to her,new everything..hemi engine, suspension,struts, sway bars, rods, bearings everything to fit the new engine .. New paint job, add a double sunroof with the black gloss top, rechroming my 22s .. I kno I kno that'll be a pretty penny too but cheaper than 40-50k!! What y'all charger fam think??

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215k on my 2007. I changed the plugs @ 200k. 24 mpg hwy and it fired yesterday at -23. No complaints


204600 on my 2005 magnum and it's been pretty much maintenance free. Had to replace front end because I run 22"s on it. Just now is overheating. Changed thermostat, water pump, went ahead and replaced timing chain. After all that, still overheated. Bottom hose feels cold. Any ideas?

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Anthony Paccione

All those people who are advising NOT to get the 2.7 motor are apparently referring to older models. My 2007 Dodge Magnum 2.7 currently has 260,000+ miles and is running smooth as Miley Cyrus Ass... nice. I haven't had 1 serious issue with this vehicle/engine setup. I've replaced the Tie Rod ends twice, Battery once, Several tires, and a couple Sensors... outside of that, this has been absolutely THEE most reliable car I've ever witnessed... I still have my 1985 Corvette (325,000 miles)... and my 1999 Cougar with 245,000 miles... and NO... you DO NOT have to change your damn oil ever 5,000 miles.... if you believe that I have a broken down bridge to sell you. Easily 15,000+ miles between oil changes.... don't hate me because I know... just follow my experience.

Anthony Paccione

. . . . but yeah... I DO wish I could afford the Hemi.... awe shuckyducky!


I have a 2.7 2008 Dodge Charger with 188k miles, it still ride like a champ.. I been taking real good care of it. And I haven't spent more than 5k on maintenance since I had it..

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