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60K timing belt replacement required in warranty handbook but 80K in owner's manual. what's up with that?


Asked by shuvootie Jun 12, 2013 at 03:41 PM about the 2007 Kia Spectra EX

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

bought the car used, low 50's mileage from dealership, original owner's warranty died with them and didn't pass on to me.  dealer wants $440 to swap out the timing belt, citing the 60K requirement under warranty.  I'm thinking I'll do it myself but not until 80K unless somebody here can cite a recall that was issued by manufacturer that prompted the 60K replacement as part of warranty or is the 60K insurance for manufacturer's bottom line: swap out the belt under warranty (and make the customer pay for it) just in case so they don't have to swap out the whole engine if the belt snaps.  Is that too cynical a viewpoint?

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Jeffrey Foster

Think about this way swap out the belt under 80K, lets say at 60K just in case so they don't have to swap out the whole engine if the belt snaps. I don't know about the warranty thing, but if you engine is not a interference type (i.e. belts breaks you simply replace it after a tow) wait until 80K. If it is an interference type (i.e. belt breaks replace the engine) change it at 60K for good measure. Keep in mind the belt is normally in serviceable shape at the time of replacement, Its a pulley or water pump that begins to fail that in turn trashes the belt. So these items should also be replaced for good measure.

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I don't need any hand holding, Jeff. I'm looking 4 evidence like a factory glitch or some other evidence that the belt won't make it to 80K. Some folks are way beyond that mileage, so they claim. You sound like somebody who does car repairs for a living. Yeah, get those chumps coming in early for all the belts to be changed. I think the 60K is a dealership con since they are hauling a 10 year or 100,000 mile warranty. Yeah, who is to say that the customer (without the mandatory 60K replacement) won't even change it at 80K. Yeah, 60K sounds like dealer insurance.

Jeffrey Foster

1st off I was just trying to offer some advice, and 2nd I have never worked in the automotive repair business. If your comfortable running the belt up to 80K buy all means do so. You are right the belt may last well past 80k, but are you willing to risk thousands in repairs if it breaks. Also you do have an interference engine, so your top end will be trashed if the belt breaks. Also according to Gates (large manufacture of automotive belts) they call for inspection at 60k, and replacement at 80K.

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Im at 95K and about to learn how to change it myself because they want $800 for belt and waterpump swap out


I threw in the towel and had the dealer do it because as I stood over the right fender and looked down at the tight sqeeze to work in to get the stuff out and ready for the belt swap and looking at the 2009 spectra timing belt replacement details downloaded from the internet, my lower back started to pain with the lean over (I'm 78 and believe me age does make a difference in auto repair). Had the drive belts to the power steering, water pump, and alternator changed, too. Just under $600 for the whole potato. My plan now is to pick some mechanic's brain who has seen a few timing belts in his time relative to the mileage and would he reuse the one that was removed (not really ready for replacement) or how many more estimated miles left on the belt in question.. You got 95K! Jeff is probably having a heart attack.


I also had the same dilemma, I have a prefect running 2002 Kia Spectra, I bought it "used" with less than 5,000 miles on it. So IT was a new car. I keep up on the basic maintenance; oil, air filter changes at about 4500 miles. Then upgraded to an aftermarket intake and filter. Plus went from the stock 1 1/4 exhaust pipe to a 2" pipe, with a LOW pitch muffler. (NOT A COFFEE CAN! THAT SOUNDS LIKE SHIT!) anyways, I went back and forth about when I was going to change my timing belt, I ended up not changing it until I reached 104,000 miles. When I got the belt and water pump off, everything was BEAUTIFUL! The belt looked like it had maybe 10,000 miles on it, teeth were totally intact, no fraying, no chips, AND no stretch. But since I was already freezing my ass off in the carport, Everything was completed. But as always when you're under a car you see more little things, will be fixed in time. I didn't have to replace anything besides the belt and pump. I will say it wasn't all easy going, I did have to uninstall the motor mount and tear everything off the front of the motor. So a guesstimated time frame was about 6 hours, ( I took my time and looked at everything.) and the cost of belt, water pump, anti-freeze for a complete flush,and new plugs and wires. I was at about $190.00 for parts, and nothing (my time) for labor. If I were to rank how hard this was to do I would say intermediate. This was my first TB & WP, I've installed in a running vehicle. I had put those things in doing engine rebuilds. I hope this may help someone.

Eric Perry

Hey guys! I have a 2006 Kia Spectra5 with 163,000 miles. I am just now getting the timing belt changed for the first time. I have never had any issues with the Engine in this vehicle. My mechanic is changing the Timing Belt, Water Pump and Gasket, Coolant Pump Belt, Air Conditioner Pump belt, and the Power Steering Belt. He is going to do all of this for $500. I think that is very reasonable price for that amount of work. Although I never had any issues with the timing belt, I wouldn't recommend going 163k miles before changing it. ;) I also ordered all of the parts straight from KIA, not that Autozone Crap. Ive kept the oil changed every 3k mi, and I plan to be driving this car well over 300k miles.

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I had a 2004 Kia Sorento , bought it new. Never had a problem with it. I didn't know about replacing the timing belt. I was driving down the highway one afternoon (vehicle had about 160,000 miles on it) the belt broke and the engine locked up. If I knew then what I know now I would have replaced the belt every 60,000 miles.

Cris Moniz

I have a 2009 kia rio5. Belt was squeeking for a couple of weeks now oon my way to work im pretty sure my belt fell off. Any advise on how I should approach this? Im not good with cars

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