My car won't start when it's cold in the morning.


Asked by QueBarbara Feb 12, 2011 at 11:49 AM about the 2006 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

Hey everyone, well I have a 2006 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V and I have had problems with it
since I first got it. When it's cold in the morning, when I haven't driven the car for about 4
hours, the car won't start. You can hear the starter trying, but the car won't go. Sometimes I
try so many times that the battery starts to die down (but somehow recharges later). The
dealership can't figure it out and I've spent so much money on it trying to fix perks, but nothing
is fixing the problem. Please help.

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Dustin McRae

common issue with these cars is the fuel line does not have a check valve in it and it allows the line to depressurize when it sits. installing a check valve close to the fuel pump will alleviate the problem, as well as just turning the ignition to the on position for 30-45 seconds before starting.

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Hey I have the same problem did you ever solved the problem??

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Justin Irwin-Rolles

Have your fuel pressure checked at the rail.This is a sign of a bad fuel pump.The fuel pressure regulator is in the the pump assembly.The fuel pump is in tank,but they can test the pressure at the rail using an adapter.Also,while they are at it,have them do a compression check on all 4 cylinders.Having trouble starting cold can be a sign of low compression.

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Dustin McRae

The FPR is on the rail on these cars, but the pumps are quite garbage from the factory. There was a recall that is supposed to fix this issue, but it doesn't. A simple check valve, or an aftermarket fuel pump such as a walboro will fix it though.

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Justin Irwin-Rolles

The FPR is built into the pump in the b15's QR25 fuel system.In order to install a walbro pump you have to cut up the stock drop in canister,which most people don't want to bother with.There isn't even a traditional pressure check valve on the rail,you have to use an adapter on the line itself.


hey try changing your coolant temperature sensor it worked on mine

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Brian Spath

I had the same problem man, i have a 2002 Altima. Nissan put a recall out to reprogram the ECU, once they did that it took care of it.

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Check it out. Ive been looking for the answer for sometime now. Its not the fuel pump or fuel pressure regulator. Its simply the timing chain.because it has a hydrolic tensioner and you don't change the oil defiler it tends to stretch until the tensioner cant go no more. I just got mine changed and not it starts like a charm. I was so surprised but it worked. So save your money and go straight to the timing chain. is a pain Ianthe but to change. There are no gaskets except the valve cover the rest is silicone.. Hope this helps

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this happened to be as well two days ago i have a 2010 sentra sr and if i dont move my car for a day it wont start. I tried pressing the gas before starting and nothing just cranks but doesnt start. Battery and fuel pump are good its only happens when i dont move it for a day or two please help!!

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Same deal, 2006 Sentra. If the temperature dips below freezing, I have to plug it in, even if it's only 1 or 2 degrees below freezing. If it's really cold out, forget it. I can plug it in all night and it still won't start. The engine turns over, it even fires, but it doesn't catch. It's really frustrating. Generally, I let the fuel pump engage before I start the car. Turn it to "on" (second click) and let it sit for a few seconds before turning it to ignition. That helps when it's warm.

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I am having problems with an 2002 nissan sentra se r spec v. It's been fine untill about a week a go that I had not moved it and when I came to move it acts like its going to cut off. As I drive it it slowly picks up speed and then it starts to jerk and shake and acts like its going to cut off. Then it looses power it doesn't want to go try puting it in gear and press the gas and it moves really slow. Please help!!!!!!!

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My 2007 Nissan Sentra 2.0L SL has COLD start problem that started about 6-10 months ago. I just found all these web hits today with same problem all over the place, and I am pissed at Nissan!! For a while I play this game where I turn key "on" for 3 seconds, then off for 10, repeat 3 total times. Used to work each time, but then failed. Once I can finally get it started I have to let it warm up to "operating temperature", then turn car off for 1 minute, then everytime I start after that it starts with absolutely no problem, unless I go for longer then like 4-6 hours (operating temp drops). Evententually service light on. Codes say it's the camshaft sensor (like everyone else getting). Had cam sensor changed once at local shop, ran good for 1 day; then at Nissan (cha-ching $$, they also changed some other sensor) ran good for about a month. Because I sometimes had oil changed at local shop and do not have records to prove all oil changes, NISSAN has the audacity (now that I see so many have this problem) to blame sludge on my problem. I am DONE with Nissan. I have them since 2002, but no more after my Sentra is gone. A friend local shop just did a variety of work on it last few days (have to get list of items). I will ask if he did timeing chain, as "2006nissanSentra18" did. Nissan did say something like "sludge can cause timing chain to stretch, yadda yadda". They just hungry for more money. They said "replace car now before bigger issues", again wanting more money. My Sentra has NO PROBLEMS aside from the morning/cold start. Has 94000 miles, is 7 years old. Sludge problem, REALLY??? My local mech found no sludge bottom or top ends. Thank you for letting me vent here. I'll update when I have new news. ~~ ├č├čithead

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Mines doing the same thing. Didnt start until we had sub zero temps. Maby the cold affected how the chain stretched upon fire up? Either way it kicked out a cam sensor code although i must say i replaced it less than a year ago before it happened again. Anyhow i replaced it and it wouldnt even try to fire. swapped out for another new one that did let it fire up. but since then it will not start. So i decided today to unplug the cam sensor and try to fire it up. it worked. i plugged it back in and it stayed running. shut it off and tried again with it plugged in and it fired up again.

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Aaron Sanderson

cpk sensor!!!

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hey can someone help me I have a 2007 Nissan sentra and I was driving it earlier in the day and I turned it off and went inside for a few hours and next thing I know I was going to go pick someone up when I turned on my car It felt weird the steering wheel was hard to use to turn all the dash board lights were on a blue ps sign came up and I was able to put in reverse and back out put it seemed like the power steering went out but as I was driving I guess it died on me and now it wont move im able to start it I think but it wont move when I put it in drive I press on the gas pedal but nothing happens

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Rachel Gnagy

I have 03 Mazda 6 that won't start when it's cold but starts right up when it's warm I just got the starter fixed and it was running fine now it doesn't want to start ??????


a have nissan sentra 03 gxe 1.8 i have problems with a/c the cold 10 minit and star warm please help me

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Mohab Mutamba

I also have the Nissan x trail qr25. It can't start it is only cranking but signs of starting is there but it is not

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