How reliable are Ford Taurus with high miles (100k+)?


Asked by Hgbc Jul 05, 2009 at 03:43 PM about the Ford Taurus

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Does it also make a difference if it is a 2001 or a 2006 with same high mileage?

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Jason Middlebrooks

HI!. My uncle just given me his '95 taurus. It has 171,000 miles and it still runs good. i say it is pretty reliable. And it does make a dfference if a 2001 or a 2006 has the same high mileage, out of the 2, the 2001 is more reliable because the miles wasn't put on the vehicle as fast as the 2006 vehicle.

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Jordan Taylor

It all depends on the year, and the engine. Stay away from the 3.8. Transmissions usually have problems around 130,000 if not properly maintianed. Other than the tranny and the 3.8 you should be good. I've owned 4 of them, and have been happy with all of them

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My 1995 w/ a 3.0 l has over 280,000 km and still running well. just replaced oil pan, only engine work done.

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Jason Corter

I am sure the year has some effect simply because the enginge design may have changed, but I can say that my Taurus has 131k on the Vulcan 3.0L and runs well. Granted, I've only put 4000 miles on the vehicle thus far since I've purchased it, but there are no signs of problems that I am aware of. Before I bought the vehicle I read up on a number of reviews too and many of them said that the Vulcan 3.0L, while somewhat underpowered, is a very reliable engine. From what I've heard, the Duratec DOHC 3.0L is less durbale, and I'd say as a general rule, the smaller the engine is, and the simpler design, the more reliable it will be.

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Christopher Paden

Most cars usually have major services done around 100 to 120k. Buying a car with over 100k is not always bad idea. Buying a car with 80 or 90k might mean that you will need to have these services (suspension parts, ball joints, tie rods, engine mounts, sway bar links, water pumps, ect) performed around 120k. Where as a car that has already been fully serviced at 120, will save you money in the long run. If you have found a taurus with over 100k, ask for service records and be sure the fluids, especially the transmission fluid have been changed regularly. If you have found a high milage car that has been kept up on its service, I would trust that it would be a good purchase. My 1996 Taurus has 170k. It has not been well cared for and has seen better days, but with that being said it has still been a great car. I have spent less than $700 in repairs in the past 9 years on this vehicle. The transmission is starting to slip and it is on its original fluid from 1996. I feel that if the car had been better serviced it would last an easy 20 years.

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Jason Corter

Update.. I think the timing chain cover gasket is going bad on my car. After further research, it appears this is fairly common. Keep an eye out for coolant leaks as a result... youll possibly see some in the area beneath the alternator. Also, if you smell coolant upon startup it is a good sign there is a leak because it appears to drip down onto the manifold, which after heating up burns the coolant, thus producing the smell.

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Christopher Paden

Another place to keep an eye out for coolant leaks is the coolant reservoir itself. The cooling system on these cars a pressurized system. The tank is made of plastic, and with age can develope hairlines cracks that leak when the car has been running.

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i have 2006/2007 taurus runs show room new have replaced alternator, battery has 110 k bosch patium 2 plugs every 50 k installed new coil, and crank sensor because of mileage, no suspension problems. replaced surp belt. trany fulid and filter change every 30 k. no coolant leaks. use valveoline 10 w 30 w/ filter filled up before install.very dependable car.

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Stephany Caraballo

my 2004 Taurus has 243,000 miles on it runs like butter on a hot pan, i hav to disagree with the other comments of a new car having the same miles as an older car what it comes down to is the care of the car if used how well the person before u cared for it, cause even if its 2 or 10 years older in the model line an the same miles that older car could hav been sitting for a while rusting wear items where as the newer one is still fresh out the gate an ready to run i got my ford around 70,000 miles an for the first two years to work an back not far, my grand mother had gotten sick and for 7 months i drove 6+ hours back an forth to see an care for her every day till r.i.p. she left us throws 7 months i tripled what i drove in 2 years an now that its back to just work it still drives the same i kept on that car with caring for the wear items like tires, ball joins, struts, front bumper, paint ectect.... because i keep on throws lil things it never reached the motor and the motor IS the most important part of any car an yes i hav the smaller 3.0L

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hey guys I have 1996 Ford Taurus with 280,000 miles on it. runs like a dream, and have never had any problems. not going to lie its been to the shop once or twice. but only for ac work and nothing big at all. Over the years I have owned this car I have put about 200 dollars into actual repairs that werent just things that naturally go bad. but overall, yep she is rusty. but she is still my baby and we still get to have some fun on the dirt roads every now and then. love this car and because it treats me good. ps very comfy.

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We have a 2001 Ford Taurus with 212,000 miles on it. 24 valve DOHC engine, new intake manifold at around 110,000, but only because I was foolish enough to run it still to get home when it was overheating due to a coolant leak. These engines are very unforgiving of an overheat situation. But I love it. Lots of power and torque when I want it, and rides smooth as silk. Factory transmission still, no maintenance (it's sealed anyway). Rear coil springs replaced around 100,000 (too much weight in the trunk for too long, my fault again). Starter replaced about 190,000 miles. Harmonic balancer replaced around 160,000 miles. Almost no rust, except around rear left wheel well. Other routine maintenance, tie rods, alignment, etc. I just love this car, but I will probably trade it in soon, 212,000 miles is pushing it, we'll see when we get it inspected in Nov. YES! I would buy another, and then another...

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Hans Dietrich
435 viewTopic.action? autoClub=1812&discussion=ds527426&view=CLUB&sntEmlId=18 575129&from=email_notification&pid=autoclubs_daily_email_dige st I hope this link works. I wrote a LOT in this other thread on the same topic. If not, search Typical Car Problems in the Taurus section here.

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In my opinion, not really. We own three of them and love em all. Mine has 228,000 miles on it. I can't lie, it has had a number of repairs. But not much since I did a valve job at 175,000 miles and that was partly my fault. I let it idle alot. I travel alot with job so it gets(got) a number of stops for naps with engine idling when it was cold. My fault entirely on that one. NOw mechanic thinks fuel pump is going bad but not sure enough to change it yet. Overall, it has been good. Runs great and I've put a ton of miles on it since I bought it. Don't think previous owner took as good care as he should have. At 80,000 it's harder to back pedal. Still love it. I'm going to miss it when it has to go. My blog

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Brian Dreher

I am buying a, '02 Ford Taurus w/220k mi. for $1600.oo there are hair- line cracks in the radiator reserve tank, the driver's side door-window will not roll down, the brakes need to be changed, rust(go figure) around the driver's side door/passenger door, and pulls slightly to the right...I am getting the carfax in an hour, was told that its all highway miles, how long should I expect the car to last with proper care??? pls answer with "1313" or "1971" Thank you!!!!

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I Have a question: We are buying a 2001 Taurus SDS 64K miles for $2500.00 No Rust feels solid, new tires, but has sat for 2 years.. Any hidden things I should look for?

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My brother had one 97 that had over 305K when he sold it, the girl totalled it 8 months later but still running smooth. he changed the trans around 150K. HIs current 03 has 270K and runs smooth as day 1. My 98 wagon has 221K and still runs great, all original engine and trans.

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I got a 01 tarsus with 341000 miles and stil lrunning strong. I travel approx. 110 mile a day to get to work and back home.At 300000 I had the front end and rear struts replaced.

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Don't buy this car! There are a lot of problems: tensioner after 130k, water pump, fuel pump, transmission, EGR, ignition coil and PATS!!! I have NEVER heard from REAL persons, that Taurus (2001 and above) runs great after 150k! Older years, probably yes. Probably!

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Casper Townsend

I have on o6 with 296816. Water pump and alternator my third used Taurus and one happy camper

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I own a 06 ford Taurus love it its been one of my best car I ever owned

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My 2001 Taurus has over 200k and runs great. Solid car


2001 wagon, base engine, BEST CAR I HAVE EVER OWNED! 370 thousand kilometres, and I still can't hear it run.


I have a 2001 Taurus SES 3.0 OHV with 215,750. New head, head gasket, valves, lifters, radiator tank, coolant reservoir, front and rear coil springs and struts, many sensors, front crash sensor, heater core, plugs and wires, water pump and alternator. Will drive it tell it drops but may get a newer car and use the Taurus just for commuting to work.


Had a 1997 that I drove into the ground! When I traded it, it had 265,000 on it. One of the best cars I ever owned! Made sure to keep up w/ oil changes and maintenance and it ran like a charm. Never had a lick of trouble with it!

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