I have a camper with a clear title,worth more than a vehicle I want. Is there any way to trade it title for title to a dealership?


Asked by Feb 17, 2013 at 04:17 PM about the 2001 GMC Yukon XL

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Curious about if there is a possibility in what I am wondering. One way or another an answer would be nice. :) Thanks

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Call the dealer. Some will trade - some will not.

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LOL! I'm trying to visualize the look on the car salesman's face when you roll up with a giant RV and tell him that's your trade-in! I can't imagine MOST dealers accepting this as a trade-in (since they have to turn around and try to sell it on their used car lot), but you never know..Good Luck and keep us posted :)


worth more by who? a camper right now book wise in n east is well off the mark with 5 mpg and fuel to hit 460 by june ,tents will be flying off the shelf,my view i know, no points


LOL! It is not an RV it's a newer camper. Royal Coachmen. Estimated value around $12,000.00. Price value given by a few local used Camper lots. The vehicle I want is under $9,000.00. I probably will just sale it to one them used Camper lots and still have money left over after purchasing the vehicle. Lord. Simple question needed a realistic answer not a dumb assumed idea.

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I have NO idea where you live @ Crystal ...But here in NJ and Philly areas, the Car Dealers would laugh uncontrollably (thinking you were joking). No way in hell they would accept it...like I said before, they need to see what they can sell it for as a trade in for when it hits their used car lot . First of all, this Royal Coachmen is damn near the size of a large school bus or an Amtrak train AND customers don't go to car dealers to buy Gigantor Campers or RV's. Your BEST course of action is to sell it at a used camper lot, like you mentioned....otherwise you'll be wasting your time, the car dealer's time AND gas in going from dealer to dealer to offload this monstrosity. Your typical car dealer would NOT know what to do with this damn thing!!


Yeah way to go by being incredibly not helpful. I live in Florida which is an area where there are tons of vacationers and tourists all alike. A nice camper isn't a monstrosity just because you cannot afford one. There are many Camper resorts Every Where locally. I have had many offers by people wanting to purchase it where it is located this exact moment. LOL. If ignorance was bliss you are in heaven certainly. A suggestion I make you agree with in an anal retentive fashion all in a serious inquiry, which I asked for an answer not bull from some one who pertains things to his small little place in life. All in perspective though, I will end up getting what I want any way .As for you, I hope you find God in your life. Maybe then you wouldn't be as you are. As in; prudent, narcissistic, and vaguely any help in any regard to a Q & A site. Find a little happiness guy. :)

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Crystal you have been a member of this site for one day and criticize people you know nothing about. You are the ignorant one, making assumptions and judgements uncalled for and flat silly. And if I want a sermon I will go to church. You don't see what you want to see and get your panties in a wad. Look in a mirror, that's where you will see the idiot that your fantasy god needs to protect

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This site's purpose is solely for people to join and ask questions for helpful feedback. My initial response was completely unhelpful criticism from whom you defend. Now for every time you point a finger you have three pointing back at you. My husband is the only one to worry about my panties. You seem quite pervish and you have no place to attack my religious beliefs. When the end is here you will find the only thing fantasy orientated is you living blindly in disbelief of GOD who knows and sees all. You cannot handle the truth. Your comment has nothing to do with anything but a blatant attack which one day will be too late to repent. Your response is rendered unhelpful in all certainty. Find a hobby like attending church it seems it would do your poor soul good. You must not own a mirror to see your own self in and out but yet you puff yourself up in fake vanity of foolishness.

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bye the way, the Royals are not selling real good anywhere as they have had their share of problems maintenance wise as you might already know. And a lot does depend in what part of the country your in. Here is WA, you may be lucky, without me actually walking through it and looking at it, to get Max. $5500, and I'm sorry to say it would have to be low mileage and near mint, they are just not selling like up in earlier post, gas prices has no signs of slowing down...


There is nothing grumpy about being responsive and my quotes were in this last week. Different areas have different pricing. I am happily married, have three kids, we were looking for options on a bigger vehicle. My camper is new and hasn't sat but a few months. This is why I have said what I said. The site says not to take heed to any advice because the ones giving it are not certified professionals. I feel if you ask an innocent question my first answer I received sufficed, the others were lonely, cranky, perverted, criticizing old codger remarks that had no weight or value. I got an unprofessional answer my first time on an unprofessional site. Regardless as for me and my family, we are getting our new and bigger vehicle and happily. I just wish the world had more helpful people than negative crud with all the profanity.

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oh ya, just so we learn something here, an RV is correct if your using this as a recreational vehicle and not living in it year around in the swamp in Florida somewhere, a 5th wheel is towed using a 5th wheel hitch that sits in the bed of your truck and a camper sits in the bed of your truck. Oh ya, then there is the trailer that just tows behind your car, truck, bike, motorcycle, and remember to always make sure and pack your brief case. or panties


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It is also not a fifth wheel. It doesn't extend over the bed of a truck. It is a pop-out camper that my Yukon pulled. Not made for pick-up trucks only. Name calling is uncalled for even if those guys are witches with a capital B. All is fine if people thought before typing. Oh well, it isn't a perfect world. My life is by far going to go on wonderfully and despite crummy opinions from not knowing what some one is talking about. God Bless!


My grandma probably owns more attractive undergarments. We all grow up one day I guess. You must make your wives proud, well if you could get one.

Fifth Wheel RV Trailer??, and this is important so when you run the ad to sell you know what your selling Chrystal.... seriously


LOL. So much hassle for a small question just trying to cut expenses on getting another vehicle. Lord. We are going to get what I want anyways. It does help with a family of five to inquire of possible options. That's all.

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I do hope so as those were mine...LOL and your rig has the hitch in the bed of your truck Chrystal it's a 5th wheel, either that or the pic you posted is wrong, go look at it. This pic above is a 5th wheel. Sounds like a trailer then... And Crystal I am trying to be helpful by informing you the difference in what it is your talking about, so don't go get all in a knot because it knot fun, unless your being knotty. So this is a trailer.....


there is a black truck tail bed shown next to the camper. It is parked beside it, at a glance it appears to be a fifth wheel. LOL. It's okay.

Now your talking, that's it, and I don't know about anybody else, but I love you, and best of luck. Most Sincerely, Mr. lonely, cranky, perverted, criticizing old codger, WAIT I'm only 57 year old codger... well, yep, codger, damn and I'm leaving in my camper.... with my brief case, Florida here I come

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I know your still there, I see you in your camper..... LOL Not so grumpy now I'll bet..

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Well thank you for your incite. You're not old. My husband is 40 and I am 28. There's hope. :)

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We own our own house. Camper was for off-time when we didn't want to go on a cruise. Be a little down-to-earth for a little while. Family time.

You know it, good luck Crystal...wow 28 hum 40? Hell maybe there's hope, then what, I wouldn't know what to do and that would really make me grumpy? Take care, have to go check up on my old Mom....Gary

Well heck since you own your own home, well there you go, solution, mobile home and with all the luxuries of home and for real, well except for the yard and stuff.


I was just trying to keep it 100% real with you @ Crystal....Yes, I used a little humor and some sarcasm to make my point...In ALL seriousness though, I was trying to keep you from getting discouraged by going from dealer to dealer and getting turned away. Your solution (selling it to a used camper lot for $12k) would work the best...They would have a greater demand for it and certainly would be in a position to offer more $$ for it. However, they DO have Truck/RV/Camper Classified magazines you see in Supermarkets (may work well to advertise it there, maybe?). If it can fetch $12k, that'll allow you to get the $9k car/truck you want and have extra $$ in your pocket! Don't judge us too harshly...most of us are trying to help you. Good Luck with whatever you decide to do. Oh yeah, I can actually AFFORD a camper or RV, but I have ZERO desire to purchase one. I have a late model sportscar and a late model Crossover SUV, so I do just fine in the $$ making department.


WowI I just stumbled upon this page; you two are really funny! Maybe you should start writing comedy for TV. This was very entertaining.

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