Odometer & speedometer not working ABS & Brake warning lights lit.


Asked by Peted Mar 02, 2010 at 10:23 AM about the 1999 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500

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I have the same problem! what number fuse is it? and where is it located ?

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" I have the same problem, what number fuse is it ? and where is it located ? 2010 dodge ram p/u

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i have a 94 that i had simular problem with wound up being a bad ground wire

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Brad Cahill

rear speed sensor has gone bad replace it and all will be well

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I have the same problem on Dodge 2002 Ram 1500. I replaced the sensor. It was broke, however It did not fix the problem.

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Brad was right for me! I have a 2004 1500 4.7 5speed with 108,000miles. My speedo was possessed, fluctuating while parked and the odometer was advancing, also while parked. The ABS, Check engine, and Brake lights were all on. I first bought a new CPU. wasn't the problem and took it back, tried a new Gauge cluster from a friends truck, still nothing. Disconnected the radio and A/C wires from the dash and nothing. Also checked all fuses, all were good. I read on here (and my last resort before taking it in) that it could be the rear speed sensor so I found a new one on Ebay for $25.00 and figured well for that price what the hell. Got it in the mail yesterday and installed it in less then 15min today. Turned the key and the demons are all gone! The lights are out and everything is back to normal! Saved over $1000.00 from what the idiot mechanic was going to charge doing everything I just did on my own. Thanks Brad and to the people on these posts!

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Hey Brad . I have the same problem. Replaced the oss and rear sensors and the problem remains.In addition to the above conditions my tranny feels fucked up as well . Am I right in thinking the bad spedo signal is screwing up the tourque converter function? Or is this a seperate issue? Any info would be greatly appreated. thanks in advance Pete

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William Poole

can you tell me the part # and where it is located??? I just replaced the speed sensor on the left side of tranny and they still don't work....

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Same Thing happened to me already. Dog chewed my output sensor wires. Tranny went to shit. Rebuilt it and now Speedometer quits again and I'm getting the first sings of Transmission Failure!!! NO Codes Just Brake and ABS lights not check engine. I just replaced the output sensor and still nothing. Can anyone tell me anything about this apparently horrible trans??? Tyler

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Before you go thru what I did for 5 months. Check the ignition switch, it is what was wrong with my 03 5.7. No speedo most of the waning lights in dash, no ac/heat, no odometer.

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Problem: I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 L HEMI. My ABS and Parking Brake lights were illuminated, and my speedometer needle would "bounce". Also when sitting at a stop sign or just sitting idle, the engine would stall, and often times stop running. Solution: After long research on this problem, I decided to dig in and try to find the problem myself. I replaced the Rear ABS Sensor ($35) that's located on top of the rear differential. Still no fix. I then unplugged the ABS Controller (or Module) that's located directly behind the battery (You should see the metal brake lines running into the top of it.) When I unplugged it, I noticed LOTS of moisture in the plug. Using an air hose, I blew out the water and let it dry good. When I plugged it back in, and hooked the negative battery terminal back up THE PROBLEM WAS SOLVED!! Simple fix. Hope this helps.

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David Menjivar

I wish i could read this add before. I have also this problem in my 1999 dodge ram 1500 4x4 sport i took it to the mechanic they changed the speed sensor in the transmission but the problem still there so know I will buy the sensor in the differential is the ABS sensor hope this solve the problem. thanks for all the good comments.

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Check all your 15 amp fuses, make sure none are burnt and that all are in place even the spare ones, had to do this to my 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 and all is well now.

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I have a 2007 dodge ram. A couple of weeks ago my cigarette lighter went out. So then I finally looked at the fuses and it was out. I replaced the cigarette lighter fuse with the spare. Then after that the ABS and Brake light came on. Also my speedometer did not work. Today i finally had a chance to by extra fuses. So I replace the spare fuse and everything went away. That is a really wierd setup but problem fixed.

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I also have a 2007 Dodge Ram 5.7 liter engine. When I replaced the trailer park lamp fuse ( cavity 15) with a Spare Fuse ( cavity 30). My ABS light, check engine light and speedometer stopped working. Not only was the manual wrong, the fuse location stamp inside the Integrated Power Module was wrong !!! It could have been a really costly mistake by the manufacturer, Don't think that just because it's marked as a "spare" it may not be.

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I have a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500, ABS, brake, check engine, no speedometer and no fuel gage... I started with P0500 code that suggest changing the VSS, changed it and the ABS sensor, still no luck. Transmission is also experiencing late shifts. I am really frustrated, any ideas??

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I just wanted to reiterate what BigDodge718 stated. I also have a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7L 2WD that exhibited the same symptoms. I also first swapped out the rear ABS speed sensor and nothing changed. I then removed the connector to the ABS controller and I could POUR out the water in the connector. Once I dried it out with compressed air (great idea BigDodge718), I reconnected it and it worked great! I'd almost suggest checking the connector before buying and trying the speed sensor - it might save you $30-35. Good luck!

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Speedometer erratic. ABS and brake lights on. I don't even have ABS! Changed the sensor in the transmission, and the one on the differential. No luck. Now experiencing late shifts also. I also cleaned battery cables.

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Niles Smith

I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 3500 Van and about 9 months ago the speedo stopped working, the AC stopped working (blowing cold and vent blowing on HIGH), the ABS and Brake light came on steady and the check engine light came on. It also pulsed or surged at times when driving. I had it hooked up to a computer and the code read P0500 "no vehicle signal". So I replaced the rear speed sensor and it did not fix the problem. The fuses were all fine. I had it in a garage for almost a month as they checked wires and hooked computers to it to no avail. I started reading posts and saw that it could have been the ABS Module. So I found a great company online (ModuleMaster) out of Moscow, ID and they rebuilt my module for $130 and sent it back to me. When I got it back I re-installed it and all of the problems when completely away. This lasted for about 9 months. Sad to say the same symptoms are back and so I called ModuleMaster and told them what it was doing and they told me that they would gladly look at it again (since it was under a 5 year warranty). I sent it off to them and they re-worked it and when I got it back the paperwork said they "replaced wheel speed signal conditioning chip and reflow soldered everything again". I reinstalled it and voila everything worked again with no problems ...until I put it into drive. Once in drive the ABS light, brake light, AC stopped working, etc. Back to square one. I am at a total loss as to what is causing this problem. Can anyone help me with this? I don't really feel like taking it to the dealer as it will cost around $1,000 if it needs a new ABS module and I am not totally convinced that's the problem. It seems like the second it hit R (reverse) as I was putting it into drive everything started up again. Of course this might not mean anything at all. Also, at times when this has happened in the past the reverse lights don't work. Something wacky is definitely going on and I would like to get to the bottom of it. PLEASE ADVISE! Thanks! In case it helps, I have also had times when the AC/Heat switch would not work (blow at any speed) and I replaced a small part that goes into the blower housing. Not sure if that could be related to the problem or not?...

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I found that in my situation, the ignition switch was the problem. I had the ignition switch replaced and it has been working for 3 years.

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Niles Smith

That is very helpful. I will check that out. Thanks!


holy WATER. definetly check the plug behind the battery mine was full of water now the speedometer is noraml and abs light and ebrake light is off..............SSSSSSSSSSSWWWWWWWWWEEEEETTTTTT

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I have an 01 dodge ram 1500 automatic. It has abs, traction control and parking break lights are on all the time. we replaced the rear speed sensor and they are still lighting up. As well when we drive in the rain a new symptom has cropped up all idiot lights come on then the speedo goes down then the rpm gague and finally all the pressure gagues go down and the No Bus indicator comes on while these gagues and lights are going wonky. The main computer module has been replaced within the last year as well. While all this is going on the truck continues to drive and function normally. Any ideas?

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Miguel Davila

Never Buy a DODGE again stay way from all US make and models all suckkk..

Ken Shigemura

For me it was the plug behind the battery, I figured out if you park in a driveway don't point the truck down the driveway. It rained last night and even though there's a weather strip it will travel around it and drip towards that plug from the side of the weatherstrip. Usually it's got to be a pretty heavy rain but either way I want to protect it. I plan to buy some foam with sticky backing from Walmart or Ben Franklin for less than a buck and wrap it enough but not completely. I just want enough protection to run the water away from the plug area to prevent this from happening again. Do not completely cover entire unit !!! Do not put silicone or some kind of sealer on plug to prevent leaking in, another no no. As I said if you park with the nose down it will get water in the plug from heavy rain even though there's a weatherstrip, I have an 03 truck with good weatherstrip and it does run down the side of strip and down the side behind the battery and it can travel or slash on the plug. It was hard to unplug for me. I had to lift up the red tab to unlock it then when i figured it was free it wasn't. you need to squeeze the back of the plug and you will feel it break free or squeeze in, then pull the plug out. Hope this helps.

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We have a new to us 1999 V6 Dakota and just replaced the VSS sensor and the rear wheel ABS sensor. This fixed the issues.... ABS, check engine, and brake idiot lights no longer on, speedometer and odometer now working once again! (Previously the speedometer and odometer did not function, some mentioned there's did have intermittent fluctuations, ours did not operate at all.) Also this allowed the cruise control to work along with the automatic door lock safety feature allowing the doors to lock after reaching a certain speed. Have also been told if cruise control didn't work it could be due to a vacuum leak, luckily ours was fixed by aforementioned sensors.


Ok... so I have read thru here and I have similar problem. 07 Ram 1500 4x4 ext cab.5.7 Hemi. Attempted to install double din, but wiring wasn't a match. ordered new harness, but screen wouldn't light up (Had sound tho). Blew a fuse and replaced it. put original radio back in. Now I have light cluster lit up, no speedometer or Odometer, and it won't engage the front axel when in 4 wheel drive. I can here it switch at the transfer case and 4x4 light just flashes and never goes solid. I can spin the rear wheels but front doesn't engage.

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The electronics in the truck don't work the engine, break, and abs lights won't go off and the speedometer won't work either. Please help

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Rebecca Sipes-Scott

I have a 02 dodge ram the brake and abs and check engine light is on so i carryed it to auto zone and the ph0500 came up so I replaced the rear sensor and I looked at the module plug for any signes of water or damp it was dry and clean so i checked all the fuses and all was good and still no luck....so any suggestions On what I should do next???

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Mark Berridge

i have an 2002 dodge ram 1500 slt 4.7 4wd at times my powersteering stops working and when i step on the gas pedal at times when i stop at a stop sign the truck stays idling but doesnt go anywhere also my emergency brake light stays on same with abs and airbag light and my speedometer doesnt work but some times all the lights will ding off and the speedometer works again and the lights ding on and off also my horn isnt as powerful as it was, what could be the cause?

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i have a 1999 dodge ram 1500 with the 5.9 the radio and heater wont work now they did can anyone tell me why i have check the fuse and there all goos

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I have a dodge ram 1500 2002 od isn't working .no lights on dash but head light come on automatically not suppose to.can you help just paid over 1100 dollars for new cluster.

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why wount my speedometer work on my 2001 dodge ram 1500 ive aleady chaged the transmission speed sensor?

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I recently purchased a 99' Ram 1500 and it has the same issue as described here. ABS, Brake and speedo not working properly (it bounces). None of these lights go away and or the speedo always bounces to about 50-60mph, then it seems to be intermittently bouncy. I got a check engine light appear while driving to work last week and stopped to have the code checked- it said the ABS sensor. Yesterday I purchased a rear ABS sensor for about 25$ and installed it hoping that I would get the easy fix like some of the others here but no. The check engine light is gone and there's no codes now but the lights and bouncy speedo remain. I have been researching the issue for about 2 weeks now and found it is a few things that can cause this. A faulty ABS sensor is one of them ofcourse but there is also the ABS module under the hood- a common moisture issue there. Then there is the ignition switch at the key. Those 3 things range from pretty easy 15 min install to hours and hours of tracking down a bad connection. the rear ABS= 15mins. A new ignition switch is 2-3hrs installed. Tracking down faulty wires and wiring harrnesses... who knows = days. So far I found out my issue is not with the rear ABS speed sensor. Today I removed the ABS module from under the hood and everything seemed to be just fine, no corroded wires or water coming out. I did hear that if both or more lights are on, it is more likely to have an electrical issue versus a sensor issue. If the rear ABS sensor doesn't fix these issues continue to check the other system components for connection corrosion or moisture problems. I'm still on the hunt.

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