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Bob Burks

Asked by Apr 03, 2009 at 09:14 PM about the 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

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I have the common problem of the security light flashing and car not starting. My 2003 grand am, does this occasionally, but it is a pain when it does happen, will probably become more frequent. I have heard this is a common problem with the grand am, but have never heard how to fix it.  Help me

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Catherine Isabel

My 2000 Grand Am does this also. Turn the key to the on position for 10 minutes then turn off, repeat 2 more times. the system should reset. Mine usually resets on the second time, if the security light stops flashing then i try to start. My mechanic told me it takes three times to reset but it never has on my car, good luck.

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Tony Kiger

This is caused by a bad ingnition switch in most cases however if you have a cut key (non factory ingnition key) sometimes it will register it as a bad key..remove the key and try again...however I do believe you only get 3 tries otherwise the car is locked out of startup for 30min to 1hr.

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There is a way to bypass this problem by going under the dash behind the glove box at the control box. There is a set of three plug ins on this. The center plug will have a group of wires, the two wires you will need is the center black wire and the yellow wire next to it. you will need to splice back the black wire,and cut the yellow wire. You will need to first get a resistor from radio shack (2000). Then splice back the yellw wire leading to the plug end, then on connect on side of the resistor to it,tape off the other end which leads back to dash and tuck away. Then on the other side of the resistor connect it to the black spliced, not cut wire and tape up good. This should bypass the signal to the security system. This will make it not to have a security system anymore but you will not have the problems anymore either.

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mine does it sometimes if i use a key i had made for it and not the original key. you just have to put the key in turn it to on and wait for the security light to stop flashing then turn off remove key reinsert and try starting again. don't leave the key in for a certain amount of time just wait for the light to stop flashing and make sure you turn it off and remove the key before you try starting again you don't always have to but these security systems are glitchy and it helps

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My 2001 Grand Am does this as well.Turn the key to the ACC position and wait 15 minutes. Turn the key to off and then start the car. It is a real pain but it does work.

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"How to fix it" from Grand Am Owners Club -

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my 2001 grand am starts up all the way and than just dies, can anyone tell me why?? its done this two weeks ago and when i drove before it done this the day before my security light STAYS on it doesnt flash. i dont the turn the key to on and let it set for 10 minutes. and i have seen where everyone says it should flash, but mines not.... someone had came and looked at it and messed with the plugs to my battery and it started up? i dont know what it could be??

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Thank you sooo much! My dad was having this problem, he lives in California and I live in Baltimore, a quick read on this site and a phone call saved the money and a lot of money. God Bless you!

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my 2000 grand am ignition started acting up so i replaced it and removed the battery before i started.after it was done i put battery back turned key over to acc and waited stop blinking and it started still gits me once are twice a week but if you listen real close when you turn the key over to acc you can hear the fuel pump kick on.if not turn off and back on till you hear the pump engage saves you from a 10 min wait

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I am working on a 2004 pontiac grad am . I never had this problem with the key switch if i replace it will that make the car start up with no problem

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Vegas Patton

Have a Pontiac 2003 Grand Am. It may be caused by jumping other cars off your battery, the passlock prevents it to start. However,if you turn the key to the on postion wait til the security stops fleshing, then turn to off then to start it should fire up to reset your system. Attention DO NOT JUMP CARS!!!!!!!!

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Eventually, there will come a point where it will not start. I took my car to a local mechanic and he disabled the security. I have had no trouble with the starter since. It cost me $100.00 which, if I had left it, would have cost me a lot more.

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I wonder if this has something to do with the bad ignition switch recalls gm has been putting out?!

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Yep!! Bang on this site, thanks!! I have a grand am 2000. Turn ignition on wait until the security light stop flashing but stays on (took only 5mins on mine)... Turn the key off.. The security light should be off now... Turn ignition on, listen carefully to hear the gas pump.. Start the car while pressing slightly the gas pedal.. Job done..

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Petysee Wolfe Wallace

It will get worse eventually! I started where you are and mine got where it wouldnt crank at all!

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When you turn it but don't start it. Leave for 600 seconds. The security light will stop after 600 seconds. This puts the security system in reset mode. After the light goes off you can then start your car. There's a youtube video on how to bypass it with a toggle switch by cutting your yellow wire going to you ignition switch and you'll need a toggle switch that will run negative to negative or positive to positive. NOT A TOGGLE SWITCH that runs negative to positive.

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Having the same problem, but the bigger issue is the car is now a derby car and we have pulled and cut all the wires for the dash. Now we can't see what or if anything is blinking. So my question is, is there a way of disconnecting/jumping the security system out of the loop? I have tried the switch and resistor method with no success and just need the car to run for one or two 10 minute demolition heats

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my pontiac grand am is doing the same thing but my security light is not flashing and reseting it is not working it useto but not anymore

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Tabatha Wolfe

Help !! I bought a 2000 Pontiac grand am gt in 2007. Through the years took care of maintenance and still do, but the past year I have been having issues. My radio just went out one day,tried other radios still nothing,so I have no radio at all. The security system has never worked since I bought my car. I been having overheating problems, water pump is fine,thermostat has been replaced ,hoses are secured no cracks or leaks. Replaced coolant cap. Went to start it up nothing will not crank over ,not even clicking like it wants to start, fuel pump is working. Bought a brand new battery in November.. The battery was dead,so I got another battery, still nothing... Don't know what it could be ..alternator? starter?.. I swear I think my car is possessed... Does anybody have any suggestions ?

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Jamecia Holloway

Question: I just received recall card after I spent almost $800 have anyone did the ignition recall and it worked?

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Okay everyone. this is your solution, for I have encounter this I have discovered that, you need to check the battery on your remote that opens your car. make sure the battery is good. then make sure that the remote is not hanging next to your key in the ignition switch. I discovered that my remote was 14 years old, battery was not changed. i had a recall this year 2015 on the key, and they switch the remote close to my ignition, which i believe trigger my security, causing my car not to start. i had a new key made, no chip in the key, and used that. my car starts all the time. also since i replaced the battery on my remote to open the door, it works all the time. they told me at the dealership i needed to replace the cylinder. that wasn't the case.


The fix to the passlock issue (Flashing Security light) is here, procedure is great and it works. The issue we had was the security light was not flashing but on solid but car would not start from time to time and we had to do the 30 min reset. The solution was we had to replace the key barrel to resolve that problem.

Felicia Holman

I did the recall and security light still comes now it won't start

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I have an 05 grand am mines doin this but still starting im trying the wait 15 min thing but how do u disable the sec switch any one know ive replaced ignition over a yr ago because of this and jus came on today and cant afford it ryte now...grand am is the worst car ive had

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Brenda Lenoir

I did the recall for the ignition switch a week or so ago, had car for 2 years, no problems, after seeing several posts, I believe it has something to do with the ignition switch. Had no problems until I had that done. Just got new battery so battery is good. Something fishy about that recall thing, maybe not being done properly.

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Brenda Lenoir

Thank you Dawn001 ~ I followed your instructions with much prayer and it worked lol!! You saved me a lot of money and time.

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I did the recall for the ignition switch and the very next day my car did not start...didn't have any problems with the security light, but had to pay $195 to fix my starts fine now, but I'm noticing it's starting to lag when I try to turn it on...I think it's time for a new car!

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Brenda Lenoir

Sorry to hear that Miche2418 you should have taken it back to the ignition place because that should not have happened. So far my car is running good, as I said before something fishy about that ignition switch, it must be done right or problems will appear.

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Annie Meier

Just had mine recoded because of the light now the lights back on but car starts. What can i do

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