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2007 Jaguar XJ-Series Trims

Super V-8

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Avg. Price: $28,495

The Super V-8 is the top-of-line model for the XJ family of full size sedans. The Super V-8 also brings the largest increase in price between any two XJ models. With a base price over $10,000 above the high performance XJR, a fully equipped Super V-8 approaches six figures. Nothing is new for this model in 2007.

With the Super V-8, Jaguar attempts to combine all of the super performance features of the XJR with all the super luxury accouterments of the Vanden Plas. The Super V-8 is also built on the longer 125 inch wheelbase. Features include 19 inch wheels, wider tires, "R-Performance" brakes, radar-apative cruise control, four zone climate control, navigation system, front and rear park control, a two-screen rear seat DVD entertainment system, and the fold-down picnic tables. Essentially, anything found in any other XJ is here, and standard. All of the exclusive Super V-8 inclusions are optional on both the XJR and Vanden Plas.

The Super V-8 uses the same power supply as the XJR: a supercharged 4.2 liter aluminum block V-8. This is the only XJ over 4000 pounds, but that does not impede upon acceleration. The 400 horsepower and 413 pound-feet of torque help launch the Super V-8 from 0 to mph in five seconds.

Vanden Plas

Avg. Price: $20,433

The Vanden Plas is the third tier in the XJ lineup, offered at about $10,000 above the XJ8. This model provides a more luxurious ambiance, marked by the addition of a heated steering wheel trimmed in wood and leather, lambs wool carpeting, an upgraded audio system, navigation, and those handy rear seat picnic tables reminiscent of even more upscale British luxury cars. To round out the Vanden Plas standard features list, add those items on top of full power accessories, leather seats, plentiful walnut trim, and xenon headlights.

The Vanden Plas shares the same engine setup as the two regular XJ8 models: a 4.2 liter DOHC V-8 with aluminum block and heads. The naturally aspirated version of the V-8 generates 300 horsepower and 310 pound-fet of torque, and is teamed with a six speed automatic transmission.

Jaguar's performance numbers are strong selling points for this full size upscale sedan. The XJ is the largest Jaguar, and the XJ8, Vanden Plas, and Super V-8 models are all five inches longer than the others. The Vanden Plas stretches just over 205 inches and weighs about 3800 pounds. However, the 0 to 60 mph mark is a surprisingly brisk 6.3 seconds, and the 18/27 mpg fuel economy is also impressive for a car with such size and power.


Avg. Price: $17,295

It is hard describe any Jaguar XJ as a base model, so let's just say that the shorter wheelbase XJ8 is the least expensive. Owners of the average auto might have a difficult time distinguishing this model from the most upscale Super V-8 XJ, although the two are separated by almost $30,000. The entry level XJ8 is offered with most luxury items available in a car, including Jaguar's "CATS" (Computer Active Technology Suspension), soft leather seating, abundant burl walnut veneers, a moon roof, power-adjustable pedals, Bluetooth, a premium audio system, rear parking sensors, and full power accessories.

The 2007 XJs are carry-overs from the previous year, but this model has now been finished with a higher grade of leather. Bluetooth is also new as a standard feature.

Every XJ model shares the same 4.2 liter DOHC V-8 engine, but some of the higher level models are fitted with an enhanced version. A six speed automatic transmission is constant throughout the XJ lineup. The V-8 delivers 300 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque on its own, sending the 3700 pound XJ8 from 0 to 60 mph in 6.3 seconds. Fuel economy is very reasonable considering the power supply, at 18/27 mpg.

The sleek and dramatic XJ body stretches seventeen feet, and the standard 119.4 inch wheelbase offers plenty of leg room in the rear quarters. However, uncomfortable front seats is one common criticism of the interior.


Avg. Price: $19,646

The XJ8 L is essentially the same sedan as the entry level XJ8, but the wheelbase has been pulled from 119.4 to 124.4 inches. This model also offers proportional increases in rear leg room and overall length. Jaguar puts a $3500 price tag on those additional five inches. Both XJ8s receive upgraded leather seating for 2007, and Bluetooth is now a standard feature across the board.

The two XJ8s and the Vanden Plas all share the same naturally aspirated power plant. The 4.2 liter aluminum block V-8 produces 300 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque. Jaguar offers exceptional fuel economy for such a potent V-8, largely due to its variable cam phasing system. The British automaker estimates 18/27 mpg for the three non-supercharged models. Both engines are paired with a six speed automatic transmission.

Although there is a noticeable jump in price for this model, the list of features is the same. Amenities include leather seating, walnut trim, rear park control, Bluetooth, a premium CD audio system, a moon roof, and all power options. The full size sedan is also fitted with 18-inch wheels, Jaguar's "CATS" adaptive suspension, and xenon headlights.


Avg. Price: $19,996

This powerful full size R-Style sedan is the fourth step in the XJ lineup. The top two models are fitted with a supercharger, and each provide a unique set of additional features. The XJR is priced at a very substantial increase over the entry level XJ8, but this Jaguar offers much more than just a performance-focused presentation.

For 2007, Bluetooth wireless technology is added to a long roster of standard features, and the XJR's seats are now finished with a higher grade of leather.

The XJR is differentiated from the three lower XJ models by the addition of 19-inch wheels, wider tires, larger brakes, front park control, a sport-tuned suspension, and adaptive cruise control. The XJR also receives some of the Vanden Plas model's luxury upgrades, like the premium sound and navigation systems. The XJR uses the shorter wheelbase body of the XJ8.

The XJR power plant has the same foundation as all other models: a 4.3 liter DOHC V-8 with an aluminum block and heads. The XJR and Super V-8 models are set apart from the others by the induction system. A supercharger boosts both horsepower and torque by a 100-count. The 400 horsepower and 413 pound-feet of torque help send the XJR from 0 to 60 in five seconds flat, according to Jaguar.