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2006 Toyota Corolla Trims


Avg. Price: $8,801

The 2006 lineup of Toyota's compact sedan is unchanged from the previous model year. Throughout the Corolla's history, it has appeared in a variety of forms, but it is now offered only as a sedan.

The CE badge denotes the base Corolla trim. The CE comes equipped with a CD audio system, air conditioning, 15-inch wheels, power mirrors and an outside temperature gauge. Options are bit scarce, but availability increases with the trim level.

Six of the seven 2006 trims are powered by a 1.8-liter DOHC inline four cylinder. This powerplant generates 126 horsepower, and is boosted by Toyota's Variable Valve Timing system. VVT-i also provides improvements to emissions and fuel economy. The automatic transmission CE will reach 30 mpg in city driving and 38 on the highway. The manual Corolla achieves an EPA estimate of 32/41 mpg.


Avg. Price: $9,112

The Toyota Corolla was last updated in 2003, as a mid-cycle refresh for the ninth generation, there are not any notable changes for the 2006 model year. Four trim levels are still available, with the LE serving as the "upscale" version of this economical compact sedan.

The LE adds several convenience and power items to the standard features roster, including remote keyless entry, power windows, power locks and an upgraded six speaker audio system.

The LE's faux wood trim offers, at best, a hint of luxury. However, Toyota's superior build quality and craftsmanship makes a little plastic wood easy to overlook. The interior is quite spacious for the car's overall size, and Toyota's thoughtful ergonomic arrangements are quickly apparent.

All Corollas, except the sporty XRS, share the same 1.8 liter inline four cylinder engine. This Variable Valve Timing-enhanced power plant generates 126 horsepower and 122 pound-feet of torque, and is paired with a five speed manual transmission on this model. Gas mileage estimates are 32/42 mpg for the five-speed and 30/38 for the automatic.


Avg. Price: $9,029

Nine generations into the life of Toyota's hugely popular compact car, the Corolla has continued to be a top seller. The well-traveled badge is now only applied to sedans for the U.S. market. The sedan is offered in four trim levels, three of which may be had with either a manual or automatic transmission.

The S is the second trim tier with respect to pricing, but here the Corolla receives a sporting orientation, setting it further apart from the CE and LE.

The S is a less athletic version of the top-level XRS trim. The S comes equipped with all of the CE's features, like a CD player, air conditioning, power mirrors and a split folding seat. Convenience upgrades for the S are minimal, with most items only being standard on the higher level LE. The S is differentiated by a lower body kit, rear spoiler, fog lamps, and smoked glass headlights.

Despite its sport-focused presentation, the S receives the same power plant as the CE and LE models: a 1.8 liter inline four. This engine is supported by Toyota's Variable Valve Timing + intelligence technology, which maximizes the power output while curbing emissions and improving fuel economy. The S is supplied with 126 horsepower and 122 pound-feet of torque, the manual transmission getting around 32 mpg in the city and 41 on the highway, while the automatic gets about 30 mpg city and 38 highway.


6 national listings
Avg. Price: $9,253

The Toyota Corolla XRS was a unique, sport-oriented version of the massively popular compact sedan, available in 2005 and 2006 only. When the Corolla moved into its tenth generation for 2007, this model was discontinued.

The XRS is a more athletic version of the Corolla S. Both are similar in appearance, with a lower body kit, rear spoiler, foglights, and smoked glass over the headlamps. The XRS upgrades to 16-inch alloy wheels, and also includes cruise control and a tire pressure monitor.

This trim also receives many performance enhancements. The XRS handles with more agility than the other Corolla models, thanks to a firmer suspension with a rear cross-brace. Four wheel antilock disc brakes are also added, equipped with Toyota's Electronic Brakeforce Distribution system.

The XRS also houses a 1.8-liter inline four, but here the engine has been adjusted for a total output of 164 horsepower and 125 pound-feet of torque. Toyota has also added the unique VVTL-i (Variable Valve Timing and Lift + intelligence) system. A six speed manual transmission has been borrowed from the discontinued Celica GT-S. Fuel economy is the lowest of any Corolla on this model, 26/34 mpg.