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2006 Acura RSX Trims


Avg. Price: $10,831

The 2006 RSX kept the same engine, but had lower numbers cited for horsepower due to Acura's adoption of the SAE standards for horsepower estimation. It was now estimated to be 155, rather than the 160 the car had known in previous years.

Gas mileage is estimated at 27/31 for the manual transmission, and 24/31 for the automatic.

Drivers complain about the road noise and small back seat, while applauding the car's cornering and overall handling. Some wish the car had a little more torque (over the current 141 lb-ft) to get off the line a little more quickly.

Coupe w/ 5-spd

Avg. Price: $10,911

Coupe w/ 5-spd and Leather

1 national listing
Avg. Price: $10,831

Coupe w/ Leather

1 national listing
Avg. Price: $10,817


Avg. Price: $12,569

The sporty trim of the 2006 RSX remains popular among those who like to feel a good engine revving at a small price. The Type S keeps the same engine in 2006, although the horsepower looks as though it were reduced. The 201 replacement for the 210 horsepower was a result of Acura adopting the new SAE standards, not an actual drop in power. Torque remains at 143 lb-ft.

Road noise continues to be a problem for the 2006 RSX Type S. Other complaints center on the back seat. Drivers love the agility of the car, along with the relatively smooth acceleration. Most say that there is no longer any comparison to the Civic, on whose platform the 2006 RSX is based.