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2001 Kia Optima Trims


13 national listings
Avg. Price: $3,111

The 2001 Kia Optima LX sedan is the base model of the new mid-size luxury family car. It comes with a 2.4-liter, 149-hp I4 engine and a standard 5-speed manual transmission. A 4-speed automatic with manual shift is optional. Sitting on 14-inch wheels, the 2001 Optima LX has a wide ovoid grille reminiscient of a Cadillac.

You won't get too much in the 2001 Optima LX, but it does come with power windows, locks, and mirrors, intermittent wipers, tachometer, air conditioning, a cassette player, and dual front and side airbags. ABS brakes are not offered on the base I4 LX. Aside from the auto tran, you can also get cruise control and a CD player. Owners of the 2001 Optima LX report numerous problems with the car (power window failure, check engine light coming on constantly) and with the dealers in terms of the warranty. The I4 has terrible pickup, but the overall ride is smooth, and the interior cabin very roomy.


5 national listings
Avg. Price: $3,648

The new mid-size luxury offering from Kia is the Optima. The 2001 Kia Optima LX V6 sedan features a more powerful 2.5-liter, 170-hp DOHC V6 engine and is matched only to a 4-speed shiftable automatic transmission. Other than the powertrain, the 2001 Optima LX V6 offers the same features as the I4 LX. Power windows, locks, and mirrors are all standard, as are intermittent wipers, cruise control, and a cassette player.

Dual front-side airbags are also standard, and in the 2001 Optima LX V6, you can get optional ABS brakes to replace the disc brakes. This is not offered with the LX I4. The only other option offered with the LX V6 is an upgraded stereo with a CD player. Rear seats split-fold 60/40 to increase trunk space. Gas mileage runs at a so-so 20/25, and the Insurance Institute gives the 2001 Optima only acceptable crash ratings. Drivers like the noticeable improvement in pickup with the V6 engine, and always comment on how smooth the ride is. Peeling paint and problems with the power windows are common complaints with the 2001 Optima LX V6.


3 national listings
Avg. Price: $4,185

Moving up one trim level gives you a lot more features with the 2001 Kia Optima SE sedan. Though it shares the same 149-hp, 2.4-liter DOHC I4 engine and choice of 5-speed manual or 4-speed Tiptronic transmission with its LX counterpart, the 2001 Optima SE is fully-loaded. And its price tag still comes in well under the better known competitors. The SE sits on 15-inch wheels and has dual front-side airbags standard. ABS is not offered on the SE I4, only disc brakes.

Full power features and an 8-way power driver's seat greet you inside the 2001 Optima SE. A sunroof, keyless entry, heated mirrors, security system, a CD player, and leather trim on the wheel and shifter are the upgrades you get from the LX. The SE also has cruise control and intermittent wipers. Aside from the auto tran option, you can also get leather seats. High points include handling, the long list of features for what you pay, and the front legroom. Downsides include problems with the transmission and power windows, and so-so gas mileage. Pickup suffers with the I4 engine. Another complaint was the location of the dome light, which is in the front rather than the middle of the car due to the sunroof.


Avg. Price: $3,336

The top end of the new Optima mid-size sedan lineup is the 2001 Kia Optima SE V6, packed with plenty of standard features and a 170-hp, 2.4-liter V6 engine. The only transmission is a 4-speed Tiptronic shiftable automatic. The 2001 SE V6 is loaded with the same features as the SE I4, but has a few more options available to it.

Dual front-side airbags are standard in the 5-passenger Optima. On the V6, ABS brakes are also optional. Seats split-fold 60/40 to expand on the 13.6 cubic foot trunk. The SE also sits on bigger 15-inch wheels than the base LX sedan. Some features you'll only find on the SE are a sunroof, heated mirrors, keyless entry, security system, CD player, and a leather-trimmed wheel and shifter. It also has full power features, including an 8-way power driver's seat. Along with the ABS option, the 2001 Optima SE V6 can be equipped with leather seats. Drivers feel the 2001 Optima SE V6 is a good value since it comes with a lot of features. They also like the roominess. Problems with power window failure is a major downside.