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1999 Dodge Neon Trims

2 Dr Competition Coupe

2 Dr Highline Coupe

7 national listings
Avg. Price: $2,742

A 2-door version of the Highline four-door sedan, the 1999 Dodge Neon Highline Coupe is geared more towards personal use than as an affordable family car. Even so, the backseat is roomy enough to carry passengers comfortably and features split-fold rear seats to expand the trunk space.

Like the sedan, the 1999 Neon Highline Coupe features the 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder, 132-hp engine paired with a 5-speed manual or optional 3-speed automatic. Power steering, intermittent wipers, center console, and dual front airbags are standard, but you can easily upgrade to a more high-end vehicle with cruise control, sunroof, ABS brakes, CD changer, alloy wheels, power locks and windows, and remote entry. The 150-hp twin-cam 2.0 I4 is also available on the 1999 Neon Highline Coupe, which makes it even faster and more fun to drive, say owners, who also like its smooth ride and sporty handling. Legroom is generous and the price is definitely right with the Neon. Road and wind noise and overall reliability and quality are the most common complaints.

2 Dr R/T Coupe

The 1999 Dodge Neon R/T Coupe is a snazzier two-door version of the R/T Sedan. Representing the top performing Neon, it features the same dual cam 2.0-liter, 150-hp I4 engine and 5-speed manual transmission as the sedan, along with all the same standard offerings and options. A stiffer, lower suspension, larger anti-sway bars, R/T badging, rear spoiler, fog lights, and tachometer convince you you're in a sports car rather than an economy subcompact.

Though it comes loaded pretty nicely, power windows and locks, power mirrors, ABS brakes, and cruise control are all optional. Quick off-the-line performance impresses actual sports car enthusiasts, and a zippy engine that benefits from the lightweight Neon body makes for a lot of fun behind the wheel, say owners of the 1999 Neon R/T Coupe. Gas mileage is a bonus, as is all the rear passenger room. Build quality issues remain a problem for this car.

2 Dr Sport Coupe

4 Dr Competition Sedan

There were basically no changes to the 1999 Dodge Neon Competition Sedan, a very basic base level sedan that could be outfitted with the sports-tuning capabilities of the more powerful R/T, with little regard to any other standard features. A 4-cylinder, 2.0-liter, 132-hp engine and 5-speed manual transmission powered the 1999 Neon Competition Sedan, and a 3-speed automatic was optional.

Inside, you got dual front airbags, bucket seats, and intermittent wipers. Options added air conditioning, leather wheel trim, a tachometer, and the performance-oriented competition package. It was the least expensive of the already affordable Neon cars. Though only a 4-cylinder, drivers report the engine is spirited enough to move this subcompact at a fun speed, and handling has always rated high. Interior room is a benefit over comparable subcompacts in the Neon's class.

4 Dr Highline Sedan

9 national listings
Avg. Price: $2,756

The next step up from the base sedan, the 1999 Dodge Neon Highline Sedan adds a few more standard features, but is still powered by the same 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder, 132-hp engine, though it can be outfitted with the 150-hp twin-cam version as well. Building on the base model's dual front airbags and power steering, the 1999 Neon Highline Sedan adds a console, a radio, rear defrost, fold-down rear seats, and a remote trunk release. It carries a lot more options than the base model. In addition to the more powerful engine and a 3-speed auto tran, you can get cruise control, a sunroof, power windows and locks, power mirrors, an alarm system, and remote entry.

The 1999 Neon Highline Sedan gives you a lot more features for not much more money than the base sedan and is a greater starter car for this reason. Owners like its engine power, which gives you a fun and sporty ride. The handling is top-notch, and the roominess is surprising for its subcompact rating. Even the backseat has decent legroom. Wind and road noise can be a problem, as are repairs (see head gasket) and squeaky brakes.

4 Dr R/T Sedan

The Neon is a lightweight subcompact car and doesn't need much engine for it to achieve rocket-like performance and a thrilling ride for what looks like a mild-mannered commuter or family car. The 1999 Dodge Neon R/T Sedan is the high performance trim in the lineup, with the twin-cam 2.0-liter, 150-hp I4, which doesn't sound like much until you hit the acceleration. It comes with a 5-speed manual transmission. There is no automatic offered with the R/T.

The 1999 Neon R/T Sedan features sports suspension, bigger sway bars, and special badging and stripes. It has a lot of what the Sport carries in terms of standard offerings, but includes alloy wheels and leather trim for the steering wheel and shifter. ABS brakes, cruise control, remote entry, and power windows and locks are all extra. Fun, sporty, and surprisingly fast, say owners of the 1999 Neon R/T. Handling is spot-on, and the car takes curves well. Plus, there's plenty of interior room and it fits within even the tightest of budgets. Aftermarket modifications are cheap and easy. Head gasket problems persist, but are probably corrected in a used car by now.

4 Dr Sport Sedan

1 national listing
Avg. Price: $3,990

Unchanged from the previous year, the 1999 Dodge Neon Sport Sedan combines sporty performance at an affordable price, making this four-door car a great first-time buy for those on a budget. More powerful than the Highline, the 1999 Neon Sport comes with the twin-cam 2.0-liter, I4 at 150-hp. A 5-speed manual is standard, but you can also get a 3-speed automatic.

It basically has the same features as the Highline (console, rear defrost, intermittent wipers, air conditioning), but adds on fog lights, a tachometer, sports graphics, and a rear spoiler as part of its "Sport" branding. As with the Highline, you can add cruise control, power windows, locks, and mirrors, ABS brakes, a CD changer, and remote entry. Owners say the 1999 Neon Sport is quick and agile, with great handling and response, good cornering, and money-saving gas mileage. Though the Neon still has mechanical problems, there seem to be fewer complaints for 1999.