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Jason writes:
1981 Ford F-100 Review


Fun to drive on dirt roads.


Speed is limited by the transmission.


Good Truck For Working But Not If Your Looking To Get Anywhere Fast. — This truck was my grandfathers, and when he died he left it to me. It has a bunch of low end power no real top end power to speak of but it can outpull most trucks. Its a sturdy truck, I had an S-10 plow into the side of it and it didnt do near as much as i thought it would. I love the way it looks besides the paint and the 2 big dents it has. It doesnt get that great of gas milage and Recently it has been falling apart but this is due from letting another idiot drive it for a 3 monthes. This truck is fun to drive cause you dont have to slow down for big bumps or anything and its really fun to drive on dort roads.

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

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Barry writes:
1981 Ford F-100 Review




havent found one yet


Best Piece On The Road Lol — gas milage sucks till ya get it in over drive but it accelerates like ur running from the devil, the interior is nice though i did just have it reupholsterd as for the exterior its got some style to it for a truck, im replacing the master cylinder in it but other than that there havent been any problems exept the 30 years of rust in the gas tank but hey whatever its fun and'll do whatever you want it too

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

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Displaying all 2 1981 Ford F-100 reviews.

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Other than the great motor and transmission (300 straight 6 and c4 auto) this truck was a pile of steaming crap. lethal handling (due to springs snapping off their perches), top speed of 80 and 1/4... Read More

My First Vehicle By Travis

This was my very first vehicle that I got when I was 16. This truck was a classic and looked wicked. It was the F-100 with side flares (step side). It was awesome to drive and sounded nice with the du... Read More

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Monster By Kevin

I bought this truck for two hundred dollars, and drove it home. After a good tune- up she ran like a champ. I had a set of 38 inch Super Swampers on it. It cruised down the road pretty good. Lots of ... Read More

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Great Weekend Truck. By localbuzz

with almost 300000 miles on this truck an still on the original motor I have to say that the quality of this truck is outstanding. I got this truck for something to have around for going to home ... Read More

Oldie But Goodie By Kevin

my 1980 ford ranger full size truck has a few motor mods done to its 302c.i.d and i have been told by few its not worth restorin bc of it bein the new year of that body style and like everythin bout... Read More

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Awesome Truck! By JohnnyReb72

I love almost everything about this truck, except the poor gas mileage. If I could afford it I would drive this truck every day. I always get second looks in this truck mostly from older men who want ... Read More

Over All Good Truck By Colin

the porformance was not good.but it was a very tuff truck.it never let me down.wen i sold it it was high milage and very worn out,but the guy i sold it to had it for years and it still ran well.it was... Read More

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Nice Vehicle By bballejo

It is cheap and i mean cheap to keep running easy to maintain easy to customize. It breaks good and accelerates good after i put a few engine mods in it. It is a very good truck and its fun to drive. Read More

I Hate Paying For Gas Loll By Devon

i love this truck cuz i love to mud loll but i hate the gas milage.i am a person that likes stuff done the right way at the time givin and all of my cars and/trucks are done right the first time Read More

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